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    Rarely online. Find me by email

    Rarely online. Find me by email
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    Rarely online, build is long since finished. Find me by email

    Rarely online, build is long since finished. Find me by email
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    How many layers of fibreglass

    Hi team, How many layers of fibreglass will I need to get enough strength in my custom-made wingtips? They are a standard hoerner shape for the Bearhawk Alpha wing, NACA 4412, depth about 10" and span about 15". I estimated they will see about 90N of lift each at 1.0g. Obviously I want to...
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    How much height do floats add to a plane?

    My plane is sharing a hangar with a Zenith STOL on amphibs at the moment. The tail is the highest point of course. A 4m high door is heaps, you could probably get by with a 3.5m door. For the Americans, that is 12 foot is heaps - you might get by with 10 or 11ft.
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    LSA/UL "Tundra" Tire request for advice

    Yes, I've done what you describe in the OP with my Goodyear tires and flown hundreds of hours off-airport. It works 100% and it's a fairly common solution to this problem. Carefully drill the holes right through without damaging the existing threads. Tap them right through, remember proper...
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    Point about three pointers.

    I think the point he was thinking of (possibly confusing with a stall), is the standard technique to avoid pilot induced oscillation. Once you commit to the three point landing and it settles on, you need to keep that stick hard back come hell or high water, assuming you're committed to the...
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    I think that i might be in trouble...

    Hahahaha - best call I've read all week. Amen.
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    Where, not how, is VNE calculated. Does VNE go up with altitude?

    Vne goes down at high altitudes (Vne airspeed reduces 3.47kts per 1000’ above 8000’) according to the designer of the Bearhawk.
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    Lyc o540

    That kind or RPM might be attractive in a hotrod race plane, where the engine lasts for a few dozen hours with a special propellor to transfer the power... I think running an engine in such an extreme and expensive configuration unnecessary and unattractive for 99.99% of homebuilders.
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    Lyc o540

    It will make 290hp in that configuration, with the parallel valve block (the -B one which the OP has). This is a key consideration - every time you go higher above the rated hp, the shorter the engine TBO expected life becomes. The IO-540-B engine with 8.5:1 cylinders turning at 2700rpm...
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    Lancair designs for sale

    Classic HBA.... :depressed Back to Lancair, if I may, they are selling a range of really nice designs. They are so good to look at. However they are high cost to purchase, for now... so sales are probably not great. I would love to see these designs taken on by a serious Exp. Aviation company...
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    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    I don't think you're wrong. But I would still maintain that "person" or those "people" have a screw loose. Intentionally misleading investors is more than just morally wrong, it's borderline illegal. Legalities aside, IF they can live with themselves after something like that intentionally...
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    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    ^ Its just this simple Whoever was/is in charge either: 1) is deluded 2) had no idea what they were doing 3) got put in charge of a massive loss-making tax write-off business, as part of a wider portfolio, which was never intended to do anything but lose money. There is no way you can pay...
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    STOL CH 801

    Give the OP hasn't posted in over 5 years, you can probably consider the question a dead duck...
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    Stress analysis of a simple wing

    Trying to learn more about the existing BH wing, particularly to learn about how much shear stress and bending it is handling at design limits.