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    Anyone want a jet?

    Another thought for the pocket rocket BD-5 turboprop is the engine used in the Konner helicopter. The TK-250 engine is 110 lbs in weight and 250 SHP and a SFC of somewhere around 0.72. That would also be quite a flying Lambo.
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    Anyone want a jet?

    If the claimed specifications are accurate, this would be an attractive engine option for the venerable BD-5J. Something like 30 lbs lighter and 50 lbs thrust more than the TRS-18 engine originally installed. Add to that better fuel specifics and better range, I imagine it could be a fun concept...
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    Anyone want a jet?

    It would be interesting to see this developed into a turboprop, especially in the 100 hp range and see what the weight would be.
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    More never ending engine developments...

    This has potential. Very similar to the torpedo engines from the WWII era. Although the "Technical Data" they provide is very lacking in detail, I estimate it is likely in the 1.2 to 1.5 liter range, so the performance is respectable if true. A big advantage for this approach is small frontal...
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    New LSA engine - "work in progress"

    Cheapracer, I sincerely wish you the best of luck. You are obviously further along in your adventure than I am. Hell, I am still drawing and researching. You have been understandably mum on details of your configuration. I am as well, for the same reasons. There is enough description throughout...
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    Lightweight compact diesel engine , 4 strokes

    I suspect this engine is a two stroke. The scavenging is by forced induction from the supercharger. While 75kg is light by conventional standards, it is still too heavy for the power generated. Unfortunately, this engine, along with the EcoMotor and Pattakom are mechanically complex with high...
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    20 kg and 100 hp, new engine?

    These engines present an interesting concept. They are a little "busy" on the gearing end, but not to the point of nonsense. Unfortunately, an engine like this is difficult to scale to different power thresholds being a single cylinder design. You would have quite a heavy gearbox of you wanted...
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    Hello Bill, Nice to meet you. I have not ordered plans. More than likely, I will end up buying...

    Hello Bill, Nice to meet you. I have not ordered plans. More than likely, I will end up buying a kit which will include the plans. I know you can buy the plans directly. I am not sure if it is current pricing, but they are about $400. Contact the designer, Igor Spacek at [email protected]
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    opposed piston-opposed cylinder, the opoc

    Good one cheapracer! For those with glass screen EMS, you might see the good old "Blue Screen of Death".
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    Can a Hobbs meter be reset to zero?

    Not a directly related observation here, but this thread brought back an old memory. As a young mechanic, many years ago, I recall a flight school down the ramp that would accomplish their 100-hour inspections by changing the Hobbs meter. The guy that ran the place had a desk drawer full of...
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    Propeller Centerline of Thrust

    In many homebuilt aircraft, engine choices can be quite varied, including those with reduction gears and those that are direct drive. Aside from changes in mounts and cowling, from an aerodynamic point of view, how critical is propeller installation to the aircraft longitudinal waterline? I...
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    Inverted Junkers flap...

    In a somewhat similar context, CTLS and Pipistrel aircraft make use of a "negative" flap deflection of approx. 5 degrees upward for cruise efficiency. I am not sure I completely understand the aerodynamics of this other that change of pitch moment on the aircraft reducing elevator load. If it is...
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    Determination of Vne & How to Increase It

    Thank you DangerZone, I will check it out.
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    Determination of Vne & How to Increase It

    To all who contributed to this thread, thank you! Well, for what it is worth, I received a very helpful explanation from Igor Spacek, the aircraft designer. He explained in an email I just received that the aircraft is designed according to German UL regulations and therefore has a Vd of...
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    Dana, Of course, that would be a solution. In my chat with him, I inquired about fuel injection. Nope. Then I asked about altitude compensating carbs. Nope. His solution was as I described. I was hoping that a better configuration would already be available so that I would not end up looking in...