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    If you're interested in a Radial

    **** ...GOSH DANG IT!! I dont know WHAT the hell I was aint a radial, it's a 912 Rotax......and I knew that......have NO IDEA why I put radial. Sorry bad. Found this in our local classifieds. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. John - Ad Listing
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    Bamboo?? Interesting....

    Howdy folks: Below is a post that came up in the yahoo Ragwing Aircraft group. Pretty interesting. Thought I'd copy it and post it here too. I know, my brother recently bought some of that flooring, and it is some durable, HARD stuff, and really not all that heavy. If I didn't already have all...
  3. badger

    Fabric covering

    "Percy (still) in NM???? " You looking to move somewhere bud? One of my first X-countrys was/is going to be zipping down there and buying you some mesican food! (Building my wings this winter, I HOPE!!) Tried to attach a pic of my fuselage....not sure where it went!'s right there! Didnt...
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    Question for you welders..

    Dana, Good question too. I used the smallest tip I could find, but still I kept burning holes in the tube. (4130 x .058). That link that Mike has....thats ther exactly one I've been looking for. Thats the same one that the guy on the EAA welding hint (help) videos uses! Looks a lot easier to...
  5. badger

    Fisher v.s. Ragwing

    xj, I thought it was an option. No big deal. Not sure about this either, but a Baby Great Lakes is a hand full of airplane too! You should get with someone like CFIIDave, or a GOOD aerobat instructor before hand. Too much airplane-not enough pilot has been the cause for many a mishap! Ask JFK...
  6. badger

    Question for you welders..

    You betcha Ice. Where you want me to send it? I seen that picture about 5 years ago, and immediately adopted it. My dad's mom was a full blood Apache, so I figure I got bragging rights! John quote=AVI;33755]Badger: That's one cool avatar!! Can you send a larger image?
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    Fisher v.s. Ragwing

    Well, you'll love the Fishers then. When I got mine, you couldnt buy just the HAD to buy the kit(s), so I was stuck. Somebody said somewhere that these new owners are going to start selling kits again, so maybe? Personally, I'll never buy a "kit" anything again. You pay for a LOT...
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    Fisher v.s. Ragwing

    I CAN tell you this much, for sure... Being one who has already built a Koala 202 (see xj's avatar), and being in the middle of building Roger's RW-11 (Rag-a-bond), I can say without a doubt that the plans that you get from the Fisher folks, will be 10 fold better than the ones you'll get...
  9. badger

    Question for you welders..

    Lynn, Thank you bid. I've since decided to have a guy do it for me, WHICH I might ad, I'm still waiting on! About 6 weeks now. But, it's a free-be, so I aint gonna sqwak much....just bide my time and sooner or later... I been doing a little more gas welding also....trying to weld links of...
  10. badger

    Hapi VW engine NIB

    Hey guys... Check him out good man.....could be expensive for ya, if you dont. John
  11. badger

    Zenith CH-701 Plans Unused

    Thanks Jake. Thats just my luck I guess! One thing for sure, it's no ones fault except my own. I should have been more careful. John
  12. badger

    Zenith CH-701 Plans Unused

    Bluedog, I know bud. Thats how I was raised my own self, and with a half breed Apache as a father, us boys listened our else! Rest assured though my friend, he'll get his. One day, he will! John
  13. badger

    Zenith CH-701 Plans Unused

    Funny bud....I did think about that very thing, but this guy.....just what he was saying and the way he was saying it, made me trust him. He's a **** good actor I bet, because I felt as safe as if I were sending the money to my mother. And true, the "cheap plans-credit card" was about the way...
  14. badger

    Zenith CH-701 Plans Unused

    Casey, Thanks for the concern, but as of today, still nothing. I'm sure I got took, but I'll guarentee you it sure as hell wont happen again. And I'm a firm believer that one day, some way, he'll get his due. No doubt. People like him usually do. To me personally, it's not worth the...
  15. badger

    Completed or nearly complete KR-2 wanted...

    Justin, Follow that link bud. John