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    Homebuilt airplane project documentation

    I bought the baby lakes project and it was about 85% built and covered thru silver. I had to do some fabric work to spruce it up all new panel sheet metal new landing gear windshield etc etc. the only log I got with the project other than engine log book was a 30 year old Winston cigarette...
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    High compression pistons in continental a65

    Yes but it should not clunk lol. I've seen finessing for best reading but it would clunk as I turned up the pressure.
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    High compression pistons in continental a65

    The engine came on the project when I bought it. I did a borescipe on the cylinders and could only see so much. It's cost me around $5000 to 6000 by the time I'm back in the air but at least I will know what I have. The biggest thing i noticed during my 4th and last flight before rebuilding was...
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    High compression pistons in continental a65

    The corvair on the Pietenpol looks better all the time. Parts are scarce and expensive for the old 65. I think the dime a dozen days are gone for a lot of the classic small homebuilt engines (o-235, a65,0-290 etc etc)
  5. Lightning McQueen

    Lightning McQueen

  6. Ready for test flight

    Ready for test flight

  7. 2nd test flight sept 2016

    2nd test flight sept 2016

  8. Piet and Baby Lakes "Lightning McQueen"

    Piet and Baby Lakes "Lightning McQueen"

  9. Baby lakes

    Baby lakes

    Baby lakes photos
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    High compression pistons in continental a65

    I bought an unfinished baby lakes project a few years ago and finished it up last august. I got about 4 flights on it when the engine seemed to be getting weak. I should've torn down the engine before flying but I made the mistake of trusting the logbook. It was a zero time since overhaul and...
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    High compression pistons in continental a65

    I am rebuilding the engine for my baby lakes. I am planning on installing NFS 8:1 pistons. Has anyone here had experience with this piston? I'm not looking for a miracle but could use the extra 10-12 hp. I am running a continental a65 flange shaft with marvel schebler carb. Shad
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    Longivity of wooden aircraft

    James, my father and I built and are flying a Pietenpol Aircamper, which is all wood. I am currently building a Jungster 1 all wood aerobatic biplane. Wood is easy to work with, minimum of tools are required. The down side is wooden airplane structures like fuselages seem to be heavier than...
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    Wooden Aerobatic Planes

    Check out the Jungster 2, a high wing parasol, fully aerobatic fun machine. I am building the Jungster 1, fully aerobatic all wood bipe. 100-150 hp lyc, or even a 0-200 has been used.