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    Batteries made with sulfur could be cheaper, greener and hold more energy

    Mahdokht Shaibani, Monash University Lithium-ion batteries have changed the world. Without the ability to store meaningful amounts of energy in a rechargeable, portable format we would have no smartphones or other personal electronic devices. The pioneers of the technology were awarded the 2019...
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    Climate explained: why don't we have electric aircraft?

    Climate explained: why don't we have electric aircraft? Dries Verstraete, University of Sydney CC BY-ND Climate Explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand Science Media Centre to answer your questions about climate change. If...
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    French museum offers plans for classic light aircraft

    I think that was me. My father-in-law purchased a Gardan GY-80 Horizon and I couldn't remember the name of the museum as I wanted to see if they have data on this model (they do). PS - the u/s Google search is frustrating! PPS - that Colibri is nice!
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    Is The Thatcher CX 5 Still Being Supported?

    I was the owner of a set of plans but I sold them in 2015. If you look at the builder list on the website you will still see my name despite the fact that I updated Dave with the details of the current owner (three years ago!). A few months after I had notified Dave of the change of owner he...
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    Will it fly?

    There is a Henri Farman model III that was recently imported from the U.S. and now lives at Caboolture, north of Brisbane. I took a snap at the airshow last weekend... Apparently there was only one attempt to fly this particular aircraft which ended in a crash. This type of aircraft was...
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    Model Plane Maker PeterSripol Builds Functioning Electric Airplane In His Garage...

    Model Plane Maker PeterSripol Builds Functioning Electric Airplane In His Garage, Takes It For Test Flight!
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    Easy CAD program

    I'm not sure that CATIA meets the "easy to learn" criteria though... Sketchup is great, and has an extension for STL files:
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    Easy CAD program

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    Mike Arnold Company website?
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    3D Printed Airframe

    3D printed submarines for $60k... They've chosen an interesting cross-section. Why wouldn't you just go with a cylinder to minimise the structure required to deal with the loads? Reading back over the thread.... so the printed material may not have the right...
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    New battery technology using electrolyte barrier

    Some more promising battery research:
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    Quick question - no need for a full thread....

    Er, they have sold an awful lot ;) I think they're happy enough with 2.6:1.
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    Homebuilt Control Tower

    Has anyone built and/or seen a homebuilt control tower for a small field? I'm talking about an uncontrolled field that may need a controller one or two days a year when there is an airshow or fly-in. A scissor lift might work, but I wonder if anyone has built a permanent structure (e.g. on top...
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    Electric motor propulsion

    This is what NASA has done with the "X-57 Maxwell" concept. But I don't know why. From an efficiency point of view I've always understood that one large propeller is always better than two small ones, not to mention the simpler systems. Yet it seems a lot of people seem are infatuated with the...
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    Electric motor propulsion

    If you're aiming for a time-to-climb record you wouldn't want to carry an ounce of battery more than was necessary.