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    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    Also, is a hard stop better to find TDC, over say, just a dial indicator? Is there anything wrong with using a dial indicator? I get that a hard stop takes all the play out of the system and balances the reading across the top of the piston; However, if all travel is one-way and the indicator...
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    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    Cleaning the heads before re-assembly, especially considering the lapped joint: Is glass bead blast OK? Walnut shell? considering that my preference is to assemble without pulling the glued-in jugs to re-lap them as described earlier post? Thanks! smt
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    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    I took the head off the left side (from cockpit = 3 & 4) after storing a couple years, borescoping and seeing a lot of rust, Turns out it was probably inadvisable, Cylinders are mostly fine below the ring line, not really bad in the daylight, even above that. Have not addressed the valves yet...
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    Care and feeding of your Aviation VW engine

    How do you know what the sweet spot is? How do you know when there is too much before evidence appears on the cam? I've never seen this one turn up in VW/av-engine discussions? Zinc Content. ppm 1800-2100 Regardless any merits or not of the...
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    Alternative wood for spruce

    Khaya is too heavy. The khaya that makes it to the US is also quite variable in weight and density. Some is really hard and dense, some less so, in the same lot. I used to use a fair amount of it for millwork, especially exterior millwork; and for windows and doors because it was cheap and...
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    Mitchell Wing B10 Questions

    RST - did you ever find a set? I have a slightly tattered, unused set i'd mail, and willing to photocopy some of the book if useful. (Book mostly history and descriptive. by someone else, not part of the plans.) smt
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    Identify this tool

    I've got a Bechler Simplex. Friend and i each wanted it for the sheer gizmosity, and were afraid that with online bidding at a decent sized machine shop sale, that it would go high if the amateur watchmaker crowd was paying attention. So we agreed to own it as partners. He's restoring it...
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    Pipistrel to Market Its Electric Power Unit to [Home] Builders and Developers

    Ummmm..... that would be near full tank on Piper J3 (12-1/2 gal) or 12-1/2 gal would be 1/2 tank on C140. smt
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    Planning the adventure of a lifetime and hello from Germany!

    OP's last post was in Feb. Any updates? smt
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    Borescope/endoscope suggestions?

    I got tired of dithering and bought the articulating Ralcam 6.2 mm single camera. (F406A) that hooks to a user provided device. It came yesterday and i "inspected" through the plug holes inside a couple GO-300 cylinders in my office. Mechanically, it appears it will be almost trivial for that...
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    CNC vs laser cutter

    Or a clicker press. I can see the comparison to printing. Steel rule dies and clicker presses made most of the sheet-type products we used to manufacture on shore. Starting with the obvious cardboard boxes. Shoe leather parts. Automotive and any other gaskets. upholstery panels and linings...
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    CNC vs laser cutter

    I like the quote "laser for gussets, cnc router for structural parts" Esp those that will be glue bonded on the cut edge. Laser can (& should be) dialed down for minimal charring. You have to test each type of wood and matrix. For instance (personal experience) ebony cuts with different...
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    Pipistrel to Market Its Electric Power Unit to [Home] Builders and Developers

    Supposing a person considered converting a Teal/Coot/Mini Imp to electric to mitigate some of the drive train issues. The MImp long wing, long fuselage, for instance has an airframe weight of 350-ish lb weight, vast baggage compartment under the CG, and is stressed in standard category to over...
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    What Is A Good Beginner Paint Sprayer System/ Setup and a Good Paint For Aluminum???

    I grew up with Devilbiss & used for decades, then "import" full size guns which worked about as well. The about a dozen years ago bought a "good" gun from CAT. CAT Spray Gun Packs Mine is a FeLine model (standard cup gun, HVLP capable, pressure assist when applicable) and i am happy with...
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    Stressed-skin plywood construction without lumber?

    Not to be lightweight. For building materials, the properties are mostly known and understood, & (loosely!) graded for. But weight has no bearing, and it is mostly (very large) knotty, poorly grain sorted or oriented material, for which volume is as important as pure tensile or compressive...