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    Staples for wing rib fabric attachment?

    Oops, had to re-read to see the re- in re-did... :rolleyes:
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    Looking for 1-26 advice

    Nope... My Russian is rusty, and that serif was big. Wrong picture... Илью́шин Ил-16 Much more economical to fill the fuel tank.
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    Looking for 1-26 advice

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    Staples for wing rib fabric attachment?

    The guys basically did the same on Ole Piet's initial cover (undercurved FC-10 airfoil). But used a strip of pinked tape per rib.
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    Thrust value and tractor propeller for a Hirth F-33

    Based mostly on conversations with those I have spoken with who have more experience than myself, I am thinking that this engine is probably set up pretty well. The previous owner sold it after acquiring a higher displacement twin cylinder power plant... I had seen it fly, without paying much...
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    Wooden aircraft and crash safety

    Junior, ask for more $$$. One of the Grand Canyon Airlines airplanes (5-AT-74) is (or was recently) for sale... $1,400,000.00 I bought a copy of this off eBay. Oh... my... God! It's about the greatest book ever. In 120 pages it basically assumes that you are some rich person who had a spare...
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    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

    Hi, I did cut and paste a quote-- in #155-- from the 1933 Edition of the Modern Mechanix Flying Manual about the way people used to teach themselves to fly. But I had a very good CFI-S instruct me per all the relevant regulations. If I had built the Pietenpol myself, and it belonged to me, I...
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    Wooden aircraft and crash safety

    :) Bottled air... don't laugh... I hear some jet and turboprop pilots-- even some Bonanza pilots-- fall for this scam. :)
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    :) You know, they sell paper skirt patterns that have already been tested... :)
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    Wooden aircraft and crash safety

    Weight was carefully accounted for when Andy and Geoff built Ole Piet to Bernard Pietenpol's original plans. However, at just an ounce or three under 670 pounds-- with water, engine oil, and unusable fuel-- it's 45 pounds heavier than BHP's printed specifications. Heavier wheels and tires...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    We disassembled an engine today, cleaning a few parts just enough to take some critical measurements. It took about three hours... I'm just guessing it might take a wee bit longer to put back together... (Not certain how it transformed into a Volks... maybe I accidentally used a metric...
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    Aviation Mega Joke of the Week, apparently it will be built in Legos... (insert rimshot here)
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    Aviation Mega Joke of the Week

    Ah, yes! I well remember all of those family vacations we took on the "Supertrain."
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    :rolleyes: Because whatever situation...are just so reliable... :rolleyes: