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  • Hi Autoreply,

    Hope this message finds you well.

    I was trying to open the HBA links in the Composites FAQ, but none of them seem to work. I get "404 Not Found". Any idea what the issue is?

    I think you usually do a pretty good job with your replies, and obviously have good technical grasp on most subjects. I think that a lot of times the replies that come back have no technical value
    and they are so brief that they really convey nothing to anyone other than the attitude of the poster. Yes there is room for some joking around and being just friendly. Unfortunately there are a
    few who just try to put people down. Objectivity in posting seems to be the key to a successful interchange. You always seem to be pretty objective with a little levity occassionally..a good mix
    as far as I'm concerned.
    Hi there,

    I bought a strange, old book entitled "The Light Airplane: How to Design and Build It". Its author is a man nammed Kamm, John Kamm. He was active in the 50's and maybe into the 60's in Wisconsin. There is hardly anything about him on the internet .The "book" is 60 pages, not dated, no copyright indication, the title does not show up anywhere....In short, I would like to share it here on HBA. It has a great deal of old-school knowledge and is very understandable. It is also 40MB (I wanted clear scans). What do you think?
    Dank u wel!

    Hi Jarno, I think you are a moderator. Could you please do a little favor and change the title of the thread I started in 'Hangar Flying' from 'Watch this' to 'Dynamic Soaring' please.

    hi dear.. please do you have an idea the type of propeller that should be used on this engine: Twin, two-stroke 22.00 HP (16.1 kW)) @ 8500 RPM, please i need to know the diameter and its pitch degree
    Hi Jarno,

    Do you remember the pricing on the RE20 Axiro genset from Aero2013? I would appreciate it as they have discontinued the 20HP version and only have the 27HP listed active on their website. Thanks.
    Just wanted to apologize if my behavior was out of line. I have a long time friend over in the Netherlands, and I know how rude we can come across as, especially since we really are ;). Im actually fascinated by the sail planes you introduced me to, and kind of shocked that they are practically a secret over here. I was already planning something of that nature, but only due to inspiration by the Rutan voyager.
    It is 2330 here. Hopefully it is "normal" time where you are. The site is being whacked by an idiot Susanexpress1
    Take her down please!
    Thanks and regards,
    Howdy, I would like to impose on you if I may, if not, I guess I won't get a reply.
    I have been wanting to build and fly a very slow flying STOL aircraft and I am having a horrible time deciding what to build. For years I have looked at the claims of many of the kits and plans offered for sale. I have a few different sets of plans but have yet to see anything I am willing to start.
    I would like a tube and fabric structure with no wood. Aluminim or foam ribs with a tube main spar much like the Texas Parasol design. I would not be completely agains an all metal like Chris Heintz's 701 but not convinced it is the only one out there. I would rather spend money on materials and tools than on purchasing several more sets of plans weeding things out.
    Even though it appears that you fly sailplanes, I ventured to trouble you anyway. If you have an suggestions or input, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and efforts on this forum. Kurt
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