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  • I still do enjoy reading your posts. Your encouragement about contributing on other threads is heard and appreciated; I will try to participate. I like thinkers and those who encourage others to think; you seem to be one of these rare types!
    I enjoy reading your posts. Just today I saw your information concerning load bearing formula for square tube. It was a posting very similar to yours that got me on track to calculating center of lift for the biplane project. This website has held my interest even though I am somewhat of a clutz with online forums. Will look forward to reading about interesting projects and information as described on the homebuilt airplanes site. Mark W
    Good Night Autodidact

    First than all thanks a lot for your post, specially "Schrenk's method part deux", like you i'm following the book -Design of Lift Aircraft of Richard Hiscocks- (a gread book but sometimes confusing because he use a lot of matematical tricks), now i'm stagnant with the spanwise load distribution, i found this link that maybe could be usefull for you www.tspeer.com/DesignTools/vortex95.xls
    I'm working on a excel to make a little program to do the distribution chart and graphic, i would like to know if you can solve this problem with or without twist ?

    Best Regards

    Eduardo Fadul
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