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Have wanted to fly since I was a little boy, still dreaming.

My flying experience started with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 and has remained in the virtual realm to date but going outside is the ultimate goal.

Have no aerospace background although at one point contemplated studying towards a bachelor but decided against it. Can't say I regret the decision but am now self teaching myself which is not the most efficient or intelligent way of going about the problem I must admit.

I love anything that flies but predominantly prefer fixed wing aircraft over rockets and rotor-blade. Have no interest in microlights.
Melbourne, Australia
Current / Future projects
Flight Sims:
Jetstream 41 far advanced, approaching manufacturing

RC Models:
Low wing trainer
Gullwing scale glider
Past Projects
DeHavilland 88 Comet - abandoned due to lack of information (but also lack of aerospace knowledge and experience to undertake something this ambitious for a first project)

Flight sims:
A320 - abandoned in early design stage due to size
E190 - abandoned in early design stage due to si