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    Metal bending brake for aircraft!

    hey all. Something I threw together for you all Let me know what you think
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    Built an aluminum bending brake for the RV7

    More Trim Tab Work, Making a Metal Brake
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    A.Atalla RV-7 build log videos

    Hello all check out my build channel I will update this page often Here is my latest video
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    Longeron yokes and bending elevator trim tab riblets.

    Hey all got another Rv7 build video for everyone
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    RV7 build step by step.

    Hey everyone I got some videos up documenting my Rv7 build. I don’t get paid for making these videos. I just enjoy it. Let me know what you think or want to see on the future.
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    Hello from Squamish BC Canada!

    Hello all. I’m building a Vans RV-7. My home airport is CYSE. I currently hold a PPL and Iam time building towards my CPL I’m documenting my build on you tube. Here is my channel.
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    hw do i set these rivets?

    Im not good with writing so my build log is my youtube channel. I have documented the tool box, practice flap, and now tail sections. Please have a look and comment anytime. it helps a lot.
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    hw do i set these rivets?

    AR400 3/8 plate polished (ish)
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    hw do i set these rivets?

    Firstly, i apologize about not adding a time stamp for the problem at hand. 11:30 for future viewers. What type of material can be used for making a bucking bar? mild steal? AR100/400? you have a very valid point about replacement of the nut plates at a later time. ill have to double check...
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    hw do i set these rivets?

    hey guys im having some problems with setting these rivets any thoughts?
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    Priming N RV-7 With AKZO

    Hello all let me know what you think?! Cheers
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    Vans Practice Flap Kit Construction

    Hello all, Have a look and let me know what you think! Andrew
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    RV7 Elevator Trim Servo and Counter Balance work

    Hey everyone, Have a look and let me know what you think! Cheers
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    How is my building looking so far? RV-7 Elevator

    I've been a mechanic for over 17 years hence all the tools. I also tooled up for the build for almost 2 years. I got the pop rivet dimple die from Cleaveland tools I believe.