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    Control surfaces chord percentage

    Flexwing trikes do it all the time.
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    Interchangeable flying surfaces

    Scud:- http://www.glidingheritage.org.uk/collection/Scud%201%20replica%20(Brooklands).pdf Rudder and elevators interchangeable.
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    Anybody want to build one of these?

    I see no reason why it would cause a problem. The pulsed exhaust and some of the by-pass fan air would go thorough the turbine reducing temperatures to prevent the whole thing melting. The rest of the fan air would keep the housing cool and expand providing additional energy and surrounding the...
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    Anybody want to build one of these?

    Vigilant1:- I have drawn up such a system with a bypass fan driven by a turbine in the pulse jet exhaust. The bypass flow should reduce the pulse jet noise as in a normal turbofan. Erosion of the turbine by the pulse stream might be an issue? I built a pulse jet in the 60's with a valve but...
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    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    On a weight shift trike the CG works through the pivot point and so the CG remains in a constant position. I guess if you were to suspend the pilot+1 in a 3-axis within a pivoting cage then it might work but control linkages would be a nightmare!
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    Prize Money

    On the Gen H4 the rpm of each rotor is controllable. By reducing power on one rotor the whole craft will turn accordingly.
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    The big video topic

    Some trikes do have trimming systems and even variable geometry wings. VG can also be found on hang gliders giving better slow speed control and then high speed efficiency.
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    The big video topic

    Unfortunately the explanation above of how weight shift works on a trike is far from complete. You need to understand that aerodynanic changes also occur with the wing changing shape to turn the aircraft. The wing can cope with far more turbulence than a previous post would suggest. With the...
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    BBC report on HPA Icarus Cup competition 2019

    Have you details of the project you were on? Alec Proudfoot's DaSH project based in the USA may be of interest to you and there is a copy of it being built in France (Le DaSH) Youtube channel:-
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    BBC report on HPA Icarus Cup competition 2019

    Here is a BBC news report on the recent HPA Icarus Cup competition:- The event is open to international competitors so build your plane and enter next years competition and see how you get on.
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    Aero-Mechanical Stabalisation of a Flying Wing

    https://www.aerosociety.com/news/aero-mechanical-stabilisation-of-flying-wing-aircraft-reducing-weight-and-drag/ A podast from the RAeS by Jonathan Howes.
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    Minimalist Glider

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    Minimalist Glider

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    Minimalist Glider

    Drawings and pictures attached:-
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    Minimalist Glider