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    Swarming Drones. Biggest Thing Since Nuclear Bomb? 60 Minutes 1/8/17

    Perhaps wars in the next century will be fought by computer simulation. In Star Trek's "A Taste of Armageddon", two enemies fought their decades-long war by simulation. But it was all too real, because if your home was destroyed in a simulation, you had 24 hours to report to a termination...
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    Terrafugia seeks exemptions to LSA rules

    While I'm not a fan of the Terrafugia, my vote would be to let them have the exemptions. Blurring the line between LSA and certified aircraft seems beneficial as a whole. More exemptions provide further justification for eliminating the 3rd class medical altogether. If LSA pilots fly...
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    How well do we really understand the materials we use ??

    Short answer: Two plies of uni at +/-45 degrees are stiffer and stronger (along their axis) than an equivalent amount of bi-directional fabric (BID) at the same angle. Why? Because fabric fibers are generally not straight when compared to uni. Fabric is woven and this results in over/under...
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    Successful Orion launch

    DangerZone, it seems like you really want to talk about manned missions to Mars. But if that's what this thread turns into, it's probably gonna get shut down like the other one. Don't get me wrong, I work in the space industry and would love to talk about Orion and trips to Mars. But this is...
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    Stealth Air Superiority

    I've always wondered how our government would react if an amateur created a homebuilt steath aircraft. There's enough public info on low Radar Cross Sections (RCS) and which materials to use that a sophisticated homebuilder might be able to do it. Barnaby Wainfain certainly could. The...
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    New Fiberglass-Faced Foam Boards and Aircraft Use

    Not much data on the strengh/stiffness of these materials. How thick are the facesheets? What is the peel strength? You're gonna have to do a fair amount of testing to quantify the material properties of these boards. Compressive strength of the foam is not enough. I once did some...
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    Micronautics New Design

    Bob, can you tell us more about the technology you use, or is it somewhat proprietary? Always interested in hearing about cost effective methods for building a prototype. Thanks.
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    Micronautics New Design

    Ugh. I'm not an aerodynamicist per se, but my eyes burn when I see triple fuselage designs like this one. So much wetted area, fuselage weight and costly structure to build. I guess that explains the 155 knot cruise with 450 hp. While the design is fairly attractive, I think Charlee has...
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    Bending beam wing structural design

    My feelings exactly. I was also concerned by that sketch of a really bad spar joint. I knew that if I said anything, Cheapracer would attack the messenger, so I didn't bother. Billski was honest, constructive and informative in his response. Cheapracer's earlier comment that Billski was...
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    Long EZ Mold Construction - Question

    Kent's got it right. The only reason to use molds is if you plan to build more than one. That's the only way the extra work pays off.
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    Virgin Galactic spaceshiptwo crashes.......

    According to the Washington Post, Scaled employees speaking under the condition of anonymity called Siebold’s survival miraculous: “Siebold found himself flying through the air while still attached to his ejection seat. When he spotted the chase plane, he managed to give the pilot inside a...
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    Virgin Galactic spaceshiptwo crashes.......

    From the EAA website: "The NTSB’s initial findings suggest that the craft’s feathering lock-unlock lever used to stabilize and slow the spacecraft when it returns to earth appears to have been moved from the locked position to the unlocked position prematurely. Officials suggest that subsequent...
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    Privatizing Space Flight

    LOL - the adult entertainment industry has always been at the forefront of new technology developments. Whether it's VCRs, CDs, digital cameras, streaming video, etc. the adult industry adopts new technology quickly. When Google or Sony finally develop robot companions, there's gonna be some...
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    This RC has the potential to be a man carrying plane

    Cute little bugger. It's practically already large enough to carry a person. RTFM - looks a little bit like one of your creations.
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    Virgin Galactic spaceshiptwo crashes.......

    Just for the record: The SS1 and SS2 programs were privately funded. While Scaled Composites does have contracts with the government, their spacecraft development programs were/are commercial endeavors and not funded by taxpayers.