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    Arduino altimeter & airspeed indicator

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    Any Aussie here?

    There is no compulsion to join SAAA, but it is recommended for homebuilders. Can be registered directly under CASA but you may find( unless you have an AP as a personal friend), and should expect it to cost way more than even 10 years of SAAA membership Basically I reckon if you think SAAA...
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    Reduction drives

    Crikey Erik, Why not talk in person? You cant be more than 5 min away. Andrew
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    Mazda Rotary - what are the issues to be overcome?

    Ok, I'm going to try and be tactful, But your comment shows you really need to do more homework or your just going to be giving away your kids inheritance. I don't want to curb enthusiasm but from your posts I feel your looking at the rotary for all the wrong reasons. have you even gone outside...
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    The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout

    The Zombug is powered by a vw derived radial 1600cc by Bespoke Engineering. No real info on it, Might just give them a call and ask how light they think they can get the engine for an "offroad" project.
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    The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout

    Just for those that dont have access to 8’x4’ CNC, MaslowCNC is an OS project that can be built cheap and seems like it would be fun to build to cut Ranger parts. Edit: should’ve read OpenSourceAir@groups.io before posting, now realize this setup not accurate enough for this project.