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    D-Motor: flathead motor for aviation

    Can I point out the obvious here. The measure of how well an engine breathes is its BMEP figure (Brake Mean Effective Pressure) at its peak torque figure. now lets look at some of the published figures: Rotax 912 UL 80hp, with a max torque of 103Nm @ 4800rpm Capacity 1211cc So using the...
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    Why was the AR-5 retired from use?

    I could probably fit in the AR-5 with room to spare, as I'm only 144lbs soaking wet. When I fly solo climb rates are fantastic:gig:. I'm still gutted they stopped making the Pulsar 582 as for me thats the all time affordable hi performance 2 seater sport plane, and there really isn't a...
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    Why was the AR-5 retired from use?

    Thats good to know. I don't suppose you know how many hours the aircraft had when it was retired. The reason for asking is related to the construction method. It seems like an ideal method for a plans built lightweight two seater in a similar vein to the Vision, but smaller and lighter...
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    Why was the AR-5 retired from use?

    Evening, New member here, I'm a recently qualified microlight pilot in the UK (very similar to Sport Pilot in the USA, fixed wing MTOW 990lbs, stall <35kts etc day VFR only) I've always been interested in aircraft and would love to buy either my own aircraft, or a share, perhaps next year. I...