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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    AVWeb, Savvy Aviation webinars, EAA webinars, Faa Safety Webinars, HBA, several Youtube channels
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    FWF Chevy LS V8 engines and PRSU's currently installed and flying on OEM and homebuilt aircraft

    Hello, looks like you did a lot of research. What is the g-limit of your dad's gearbox? I couldn't find any specs on AutoPsru's website. Thanks Andi
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    After market liquid cylinders for Lycoming engines

    Hi, AFM 300 is a throttle manifold/fuel control unit manufactured by Airflow Performance. I use 2 mags. Another idea would be to extend oil cooling and have an air/oil cooled cylinder/head. So basically a larger oil cooler and some oil cooling in the heads. The cooling lines should run...
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    After market liquid cylinders for Lycoming engines

    I was flying my RV-10 with a GM LS-7 engine for 33 hrs. before the gearbox blew up (older BW-350 unit). The engine ran at 4725 RPM (2700 prop RPM) WOT thus creating roughly 400+ hp. At 8500' max speed was 199 TAS @ 17.5 gal/hr. I could cruise 180 on 12.5 gal/hr and 170 on 10 gal/hr. Now I...
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    Mogas vs. 100LL?

    Just started my '87 911 and my BMW motorcycle sitting with E10 and full tanks for half a year in my unheated garage after a Wisconsin winter. No problem. Started my chainsaw and leaf blower sitting with 2-cycle mix, no problem. Started my neighbors JD riding lawn mower sitting outside in snow...
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    Gear Box Failure @ 43 Hours

    I didn't loose the prop, just power. Happened on climbout at 350' AGL. Made it back to the airport. It was according to the FAA not even an incident, so I am not in any statistic. It looks like PSRU's seem to work in the lower power range but above 180 hp it gets tough to built something...
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    Gear Box Failure @ 43 Hours

    I was flying a RV-10 with a LS-7 engine and an old style (casted case) Bud Warren PSRU. The PSRU failed after 33 hrs. The output shaft to the prop broke. I don't know the exact cause. I loved the engine and the performance. The reason I bought that PSRU was the track record of 700 hrs that Bud...
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    BW 350 PSRU Failure, please share the word!

    Please do me a favor and look for published G limits. As of 8/10/2016 I couldn't find them. This is the reason for my post, to raise awareness of the fact. I know a gentleman who successfully flies with the cast aluminum gearbox, a 2 bladed Harzell prop and a LS1 engine but he flies as smooth...
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    BW 350 PSRU Failure, please share the word!

    Fellow Pilots, I’d like to share the gearbox failure that I recently experienced in my Vans RV-10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_...0RTM280TzAyaDg https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_...mlmVjJWdEVibUk My setup: Airframe: Vans RV-10 Engine: GM LS 7 (approx. 400 hp, 800 ft/lbs of...