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    Chevrolet engines

    If you want to look at a route like that you could use all of the dispacement you can get without adding weight. A "Tall" short block can help by adding as much as .600" to the stroke of a 400 block an end up with a 450cuin and an aluminum block and aluminum heads to save a hundred or so lbs...
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    3 or 4 place aircraft?

    I have the "How to build your own Airplane" based on the Bede 4 and from the build sheet it looks like you can build it for $14000 plus instruments and powerplant. 110hp-140hp for a large 2 place. 150hp -220hp for a cessna 172 size but faster 4 place.
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    What is the fastest 200hp plane?

    I found a site that might answer you question on the Speed of a Kr2 with a 200hp engine. I punched in the numbers and got 252
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    Tall people

    If you like the cozy but want a kit look into the velocity. Its larger. A great plane for 2 and lots of luggage. The kits are availible in different levels of completion
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    Hello from up North

    I just joined the forum so I wanted to say hi. I am a motorhead from Fairbanks Alaska. I currently own a Velocity Standard (no I did not build it)
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    eng rotation

    Yes they both rotate in a clockwise rotation. If you want to reverse the rotation you can get a cam to do that from any of the major cam suppliers, it called a marine cam. Tha same goes for a starter.
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    Chevrolet engines

    There are 3 basic problems with using a automobile engine built for a car in your airplane. 1) The bearingd in the engine were not designed to take the thrust of the propeller on them so you need something else to take the thrust.2) an automobile engines cam is designed to produce max torque...
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