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  • Dear Akbuilder, I don't remember any conversations with you about the weight but here goes The all cast iron bare is 292 lbs, ie. no manifold intake or exhaust, no starter no carb, just bare as Lyc. gives the weight. If you go to al. heads you can remove 40 lbs. Intake manifold depending 6-8 lbs. starter 8-10 lbs. carb 6-8 lbs. exhaust 8-27 lbs. our is heavy and not ss. and they are tuned. Ours on a scale less prop engine and drive ready to go 413 lbs. A Lyc IO-360 is the same weight our prop is 12 lbs. Warp Drive theirs, F/p 37-40 C/S 47-60. Hope this helps if you have any questions just give us a call or write. beltedair@aol.com
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