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PVT SEL not current.

Over the years I have held various officer positions in 2 EAA Chapters, 166 & 113.

Assisted in the Construction of N14EM Lancair many years ago, fond memories...

Authored Articles for:
Contact! Magazine, EAA's Experimenter online edition, and a "Stringer" for Aero-News.net @ Oshkosh.

SolidWorks User via EAA's program.
* SW's Training: local Comm. College, & extensive certified re-sale level instruction
* Instructor Asst w/ the Warbirds of Glory & their SW's classes via their Kittyhawk Academy.
* Taught an Intro to SW's & BluePrint Reading @ Focus Hope Detroit.
*SW's Volunteer at the SW's Innovation booth @ OSH 2019.

Currently assembling consumer/medical related prototypes for a firm in Northville MI. www.brainchildengineering.com
Canton MI
Prototype Assembler