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    Airshark II

    Hi Jordy, I’m very interested your progress with the AirShark. If you have the time, I’d appreciate a call or email. 530-521-3380 or I have an airframe hanging in the shop that’s about 50% complete and would like to hear about what modifications you are pursuing.
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    Where Can I Find an Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinder?

    Hydraulic Hose Assemblies | Hypac Hydraulic Systems
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    Float/ski combination

    For $400K you can have it all
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    Looking for recommendations for a small to midsize airplane to build

    Have you looked at the SeaRey LSX? I'm not too far from you. You are welcome to come up and demo the SeaRey for a few hours to see how you like her. SeaRey- Adventure 1 - YouTube SeaRey LSX- Explore No Limits.mp4 - YouTube Searey Demonstration flight for ex-top gun instructor - YouTube She's...
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    VGs on blunt fuselage

    Come look at the and give me a call 530-521-3380
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    Seaplane deadrise

    The SeaRey has a deadrise of 12* and gets off in 14 seconds at 1430lbs with 100hp and can handle 12" chop with no problem.
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    VGs on blunt fuselage

    Research the Mermaid. They have done some extensive work with VG's in this area.
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    The big video topic

    Wow! What a sketchy place to launch.
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    Seaplane retracting gear.

    Orion, what's your opinion on how the Lisa might behave in 1 to 2 foot chop? I'm thinking the pitch moments might be tough to keep up with. For rough water operations, the hydroski may be easier to control. (Dan, 700hrs is flying boats. I've seen a bit of rough water and know what you mean. )...
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    Seaplane retracting gear.

    Doesn't the Lisa aircraft solve the problems of cavitation/ventilation/transition with their configuration? Although elegant, I prefer the Shearwater's (Shearwater Aircraft - Kitset manufacturer of a high performance four seat amphibian airplane.) hydoski approach. I'd like to see how the Lisa...
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    Another Experimental goes down

    I'm afraid it may have been a SeaWind. Kim Presbrey, Thomas Rhoades | 2 Aurorans Aboard Plane that Crashed into Florida Supermarket
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    The big video topic

    SeaRey Rodeo. Go ahead. You can call me a moron, too:)
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    Spinning an Icon

    You can dock like in the photo. It's not easy and the wind needs to be just right or none at all. The most secure is to run it up the beach. The Icon with it's tricycle gear will stuggle with this, though. The SeaRey does a better job beaching with it's larger tires and tail wheel configuration...
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    Rough water operations in a SeaRey

    Here's a link to some rough water operations in a SeaRey by Progressive Aerodyne. I took this footage with a new camera. Still need to work out camera mounts and mounting positions, but you still might enjoy it. I am interested in other folk's videos demonstrating different seaplanes rough water...
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    Advice and considerations for a float plane on a tropical island

    The AirComp 6 may fit the bill. Comp Air 6 experimental aircraft.