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  • Hi Tom,
    I stumbled on a kit for airshark amphibian for sale.I am not sure if it is airshark I or II.Since I am not familiar with this aircraft at all,I went to your thread regarding the use of 2 914 rotax.It seems that you have some concerns about the flying characteristics of this craft.Do you mind to share them with me.As a matter of fact I see your phone number on the message to Gary.Do you mind if I give you a call to chat a bit about your project and get more info. about this plane.my email is theeharts@hotmail.com.Thanks
    Hi Gary, I'm up in Chico, CA. Give me a call some time(530-521-3380). I'd like to see your project. I took the photos (is that what you mean?) of the SeaReys. The middle one belongs to me.


    Hello Tom,
    Best of luck on your Air Shark. I "inherited" a Falconar Teal Amphibian kit project about 80% done. I have it at Auburn, California airport in a T-Hangar.
    I really liked the Sea Rays/Tahoe photo you posted. The Sea Rays are almost identical to my Teal, except the Teal is mahogany, spruce, and stits. Can you source the photo for me or tell me where to find others? I live about an hour from Tahoe and expect to be anchoring my duck there this summer.
    Thanks and regards,
    I am building an airshark with rob lueck in merritt island for 3 yrs now .Almost done .I like the videos you posted . Were did u get them
    The AirShark was designed by Ron's father, Arthur, actually. The Airshark I (prototype) had a small wing of 114sqft and was a hand full( although that is relative, most negative reports came from low time pilots who expected to fly a high performance aircraft like their C-150). The AirShark II has a 133sqft wing with fowler flaps, but still short coupled and tail heavy. AirShark III has 156sqft, two feet longer and 250 hp(up from 200hp). The third version flew very well, but touch down speeds were too fast on the water in my opinion( restricted flaps for water operation due to low wing design). They didn't get to stay in business long enough to refine the design. I'm currently working with engineers to incorporate the changes I would like to make in the design to make it my own. When and if deemed viable, this should be a fun project.
    What is the AirShark 2?
    It reminds me a bit of a design by Ron Lueck, also called the AirShark (I believe) that was intended to break amphib speed records... but supposedly was very unsafe.
    Just curious!
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