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  • Shane,
    Pardon me for not having checked the site for messages .. had presumed that messages would be e-mailed to me. Plan set is tightly wrapped into a 3" bundle. I presume it to be complete and I doubt that anything is missing as that bundle has never been out of my possession. Flew with Freddy Auarles out of the UVA airport in 1965 .. he had a Mite and a new 4-seat Mooney at that time. Plans are factory drawings and minutely detail virtually ever single part!

    Open to offers.

    Hi Bill
    Can you tell me more about the plans?
    how many sheets....are the part numbers for purchased parts provided with a BOM?
    I am interested but only if they are complete. I have some common drawings but am missing important stuff.
    I want to build one - or something inspired by it and very similar.

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