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    for sale: Piper PA-22

    Did you get any pictures?
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    Rx1/Apex fuel consumption

    So the engine is not a gas guzzler. I know the Japanese motors were very fuel efficient but wasn't sure if it would be the same while flying.
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    Rx1/Apex fuel consumption

    I been doing some research on these engines and have not been able to find out how much they consume. Does anyone have an idea how many gallons per hour they are doing?
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    Wanted Wrecked Challenger 1 clipped wing

    Looking for a wrecked challenger 1 clipped wing that is registered. It does not need an engine. Thanks
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    Any tips on how to check if there is rust inside the tube fuselage?

    Going to look at an airplane tomorrow and asked about if it was linseed oiled but the guy does not know. Is there any way to check for bad rust or if it was linseed oiled?
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    Is the 914 Rotax worth it?

    Yeah thats probably the one.
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    Is the 914 Rotax worth it?

    Then I am wondering if I should stay away and try to find a nice 912 project and put a turbo on it from edge performance.
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    Is the 914 Rotax worth it?

    It was used on a drone from the government. Not sure how the inside is. The problem that I would be facing is finding all the parts to get it running correct?
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    Is the 914 Rotax worth it?

    I found a Rotax 914 for $2000. Its basically the core engine with no turbo, carbs, or ignition. Is it still worth the $2000 since its missing some things? Thanks
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    is <link deleted> a good website

    I am wondering about the website <link deleted> Is it a good website for real plans and manuals or is it just a joke and just scamming people?
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    Recommendation for shop

    I also bought the "http://www.bugmevideo.com/volume3.html" and downloaded few videos. I will have to have some wrench dual before I go it alone on my engine. I think it will be safer. Thank you for the feedback.
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    Recommendation for shop

    I have a 0 time Hapi 1835 that was overhauled many years ago by the Eaa I was told. Planning to use it for my Double Eagle project. But before that I would like to have it inspected to make sure it is airworthy. Any shop recommendation? Thanks
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    Wanted Bensen gyrocopter plans

    I am looking for the bensen gyrocopter plans. If anyone has any let me know how much.