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    is <link deleted> a good website

    I am wondering about the website <link deleted> Is it a good website for real plans and manuals or is it just a joke and just scamming people?
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    Recommendation for shop

    I also bought the "" and downloaded few videos. I will have to have some wrench dual before I go it alone on my engine. I think it will be safer. Thank you for the feedback.
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    Recommendation for shop

    I have a 0 time Hapi 1835 that was overhauled many years ago by the Eaa I was told. Planning to use it for my Double Eagle project. But before that I would like to have it inspected to make sure it is airworthy. Any shop recommendation? Thanks
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    Wanted Bensen gyrocopter plans

    I am looking for the bensen gyrocopter plans. If anyone has any let me know how much.
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    For Sale Hapi 1835 vw engine and Double eagle

    Yeah sorry I meant $6000 obo Here are some pictures.
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    For Sale Hapi 1835 vw engine and Double eagle

    I have a zero hour 1835 hapi vw engine. Has on the engine that it was rebuilt at EAA. Has carburetor. Asking $2700obo I have also a double eagle almost finished . Has been linseed oiled and powered coated red. Just needs fabric and get put together. Asking $3700obo For both asking...
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    Need assistance with Challenger1

    Hello, I just got a challenger 1 and need to know how to remove the wings and what's the best way to transport 'em wings on a flat trailer so they are not ruined before it flies. Any ideas? Thanks
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    For Sale Laser Z-2300 Plans

    Hello do you still have the plans
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    Wanted Any Preceptor aircraft plans

    I am looking for any of the Preceptor aircraft plans. Thanks