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    Using truck diesels for Beaver-type large Bush planes. Perfect match?

    Why not go with Duramax. The Beaver has a STC for GM gas engine (Trace).
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    Sitka & Fir for sale cheap

    I can see that possibly happening. A few people abuse the situation, and the honest people pay !
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    Sitka & Fir for sale cheap

    Unfortunatly some US citizens have been using the "travelling to Alaska" excuse at the border, the continuing on with their holiday. They never had the intention of going straight to Alaska. At 2 cases have been reported in Canadian media. Those groups has a poor 14 days of forced isolation ! Be...
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    13b rotary engine controllers. What are people using?

    On the bright side, you will be moving away from a very old, un supported controller, and learning a new system that you will understand, and be able to tune and trouble shoot on your laptop, in the plane
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    Shavrov SH-2

    In my quest for info on the SH2, I was able to find a russian site, mostly files, and after poking around there I found the technical repair manual and pdf versions of books that were published. I have to did that stuff up.
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    Are there plans for a scratch builable amphibious aircraft

    There was a KingFisher project for sale on this site in the last 6 months. It may not have sold, and the moderator of that site would have contact info, https://tvsac.net/BS1.html
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    Are there plans for a scratch builable amphibious aircraft

    Volmer Sportsman. Lots of builds and support.
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    Shavrov SH-2

    I have always been fascinated with this aircraft. Have done reaserch on it, lots. I managed to find a PDF of the technical manual, and it provides a table of offsets, similar to boat hull construction. Also in the history documents there is reference to a smaller Shavrov design, never built. I...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Well thankfully this is a military investigation, not TC.
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    Keeping in mind that the MicroSquirt is being used by a successful aircraft engine builder currently!
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    new engine supplier: based on suzuki engines

    So you are saying that the factory crate engines from the joint venture in India have inferior parts, and you source individual parts from many vendors, then to assemble into your engines ? So you are saying
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    new engine supplier: based on suzuki engines

    The G10 in Canada is a 3 cylinder engine, used in the Chevy Sprint !
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    new engine supplier: based on suzuki engines

    Buying bare blocks and building up from their would be very time consuming!
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    new engine supplier: based on suzuki engines

    The Suzuki G series engines are produced in India, under license. Suzuki had a G10 3 cylinder in the Geo/Sprint.
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    Yamaha RX-1 Snowmobile Engine Conversion

    Marc, I do see that image, for the prototype RX1. I believe he now has moved away from that, and is producing a PSRU for the Apex model. This new PSRU uses a Spragg clutch. Am I wrong ?