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    First remote tower

    I can just picture it.... A controller picking up a pair of binoculars and looking at the wide screen, to ID that plane on long final.🤣
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    Researchers Demonstrate Complete Solar-Powered Hydrocarbon Production

    One thing I have wondered about... With all these solar panel farms to save the environment, what's the environmental impact of blocking direct sunlight over all that land area?
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    Grading Ash?

    Interesting. Volume 4 of the "Traditional Bowyer's Bible" contains a chapter on The Mass Principle. I don't completely understand the ramifications, but the basic idea is that you can make a longbow out of any hardwood and get the same performance if you keep the mass of the bow the same. I...
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    Would you buy a $13,700 Chinese Aerolite 103 Clone (Ready-to-fly)?

    Beware of anything from China with a bargain basement price! If it is anything like the cheap electronics I have dealt with, I would run the other direction. They have ranged anywhere from cheap copies that just barely meet specs to outright counterfeit items with a counterfeit OEM label.
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    Solder Splice Connectors

    You can expect more of this if you are using the "politically correct environmental friendly" lead-free solder. This requires a higher temperature and appears to me more brittle than the old lead-tin solder, in my experience. You will need a hotter-than-normal solder iron to do a proper joint.
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    That's because all we have in the USA are old washed-out retired actors to do our advertisements for senior citizens. To sell to the younger generation we need to import actors.🤣😂
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    Pulling versus pushing - which way is better?

    I assume you mean a supermarket shopping cart (in American English)??? Not a good comparison. A cart has castoring wheels on the front, and there is the interaction with the ground. An airplane in flight is completely surrounded by a fluid.
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    Pulling versus pushing - which way is better?

    That is what I meant by optimized in my earlier post. As a side note, several years ago I did some virtual experiments with XFLR5, and found that it is feasible (although difficult) to have a pusher design where the pilot/passenger weight does not change the CG. Can that be done with a...
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    Pulling versus pushing - which way is better?

    IMHO you can't just move the prop from the from the front to the back and get a fair comparison. How about comparing an optimized pusher (whatever that means) with an optimized tractor (whatever that means) design?
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    Solder Splice Connectors

    OOPS!:eek: That's what I meant to say. Fuse too big!.
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    Solder Splice Connectors

    If the wire gets hot enough to melt solder, your fuse is too small! And if you use crimp connectors, so ahead and get a proper crimping tool for the style of connector you use. This is not a place to be cheap and use the old pliers from your grandfather's toolbox!
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    Need input RE: flight instructor

    Any small rural fields near you, where the FBO operator is also a CFI? I changed CFI's twice, and that was where I ended up. They are usually older so not waiting for the call from United. They are also more patient and have more hours themselves. Mine made his money crop dusting, and I think...
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    Flak Bait

    Warning: Full of adds, but interesting story.