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    DIY Electric Ultralight on YouTube

    Thank you for posting all the URLs for Peter Sripol's UL airplane build videos. I had somewhere gotten sidetracked keeping up with his 1-time UL airplane project some years ago. Watching them again has gotten me wondering if somebody has invented a clean mechanism for detaching a wing...
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    Rotary-wing Ultralight Aircraft

    Sounds complicated.
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    Rotary-wing Ultralight Aircraft

    Is a "jump takeoff" a mechanism to transfer torque from the propellor to the wing rotor just long enough to lift the autogyro off the ground ?
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    Prosthetic Wings

    Otto Lilienthal, IIRC........way before my time.
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    Rotary-wing Ultralight Aircraft

    According to this youtube video an ultralight autogyro has been built and flown. Have you done this? Are you aware of an ultralight autogyro? I am extremely interested in anybody who has built and flown an autogyro that weighs less than 254# and qualifies as an ultralight airplane. An...
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    Certificated to experimental

    Is anybody familiar with the "more restrictive experimental/exhibition category" mentioned on the EAA website ? Does that mean museum pieces that aren't certificated as airworthy ?
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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    I am not presently an EAA member. However, in previous years I learned a great deal from this organization. These days most general aviation news I learn from youtube videos, such as this short video on the Pipistrel Velis Electro:
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    well i have made my decision ????? im going to build a mitchell wing!!!!

    Thank you for replying to my question about speedbrakes. You mentioned a "mixer" as part of the flight control system. I am not familiar with the B-10's flight control system. If anybody knows how it operates, would you please explain ? I only know the flight controls are aerodynamic...
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    well i have made my decision ????? im going to build a mitchell wing!!!!

    Does anybody know if the B10 has speedbrakes?
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    well i have made my decision ????? im going to build a mitchell wing!!!!

    simflyer, thanks for posting the videos. I really enjoyed watching them. I briefly considered building a B10 as a hang glider when Don Mitchell was alive. But flying appealed more to me than did building, so I did not build one. I didn't know until I watched the videos that the B10 has...
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    Move to Xenforo

    L=C_{d}\frac{1}{2}\rho v^{2}S
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    Move to Xenforo

    Hmmm........still not working on linux.... Thanks, Ron. I typed 0148 on the right-hand-side numeric keypad while holding down the Alt button. Got nothing. Reset the webpage to the beginning of forum posts when I typed that sequence in this dialog box. More research is needed.....Please...
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    Move to Xenforo

    Thank you. Forum seems to work fine w/ Firefox ESR in linux. Haven't yet tried writing any formulae, though. Dana, how exactly did you make the 2 superscript on the dynamic pressure in your lift equation? Couldn't get the degree symbol to work so I will use improvised notation, for example...
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    An original Horten

    Thanks for posting that, Norm. I really enjoyed seeing that video. Allan
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    Nick, A couple of things you should know: (1) Dana is right. Steel conduit is too heavy and not strong enough to make aircraft. Do you think many people would actually pay $5.50 a foot for 6061-T6 aluminum alloy tubing if steel conduit would work just as well? Not likely. (2)...