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    Disable Adds Feature Not Working

    The general ads, it does give a few cents here and there so it would accumulate and help. The sponsors help and we are trying to find forum sponsors that will appeal to the membership and the flying / building outlook.
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    Earth X Batteries

    EarthX Batteries
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    Disable Adds Feature Not Working

    This will option will now show for all supporting members.
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    HBA Sponsor Ads

    We now have a banner for a Homebuilt Airplanes Sponsor ad. For all Supporting Members and staff you can turn off viewing that banner in the same manner you turned off the main ads. Just go to Preferences and check on the turn off Sponsor ads. Remember to save when done. Also, this...
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    Does buying a membership still default to auto renewal?

    1. The ads can be turned off by anyone that logs in. Just go to preferences and turn them off. 2. I have sent the decals to all that I have addresses for. They may not have gotten to you during the US mail issues, but I'd...
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    Does buying a membership still default to auto renewal?

    And if you choose to donate the amount of one year, and let me know by way of conversation (PM), then I can manually set you up for one year.
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    Options to add a Thread Gallery function?

    Make an album and put them all in your album.
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    Options to add a Thread Gallery function?
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    Options to add a Thread Gallery function?

    Is the RCGroups on Xenforo software? could you give me a link or full name of that forum so I can check it out?
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    Can't post in build log area

    I just wanted to bring this up again so those that missed it would know. Just send me a message and I'll set your Building Log permissions. Only takes a moment.
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    Become a Homebuilt Airplanes Forum Sponsor!

    Homebuilt Airplanes is the largest independent online community of homebuilt airplane pilots. Our membership encompasses novice, expert and professional airplane homebuilder enthusiasts. If you are a aircraft homebuilding business, there is no better place than Homebuilt Aircrafts to reach your...
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    Moderator Approval Required?

    The posting here is usually photos people make on their own. We are trying to avoid flikr and photobucket. Those can change and pull all photos off, or put watermarks on that ruin the photos in a good thread. While we would love to have your photos directly uploaded, it is perfectly...
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    Moderator Approval Required?

    The first few posts are checked for spam. There is a list of some favorite spam words and the then general indicator of a link. After the first few posts, the spam is not checked.
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    Cookie Crash

    Thanks for all the input here. And the site does use cookies. If you see any other issues, please post on this thread and I'll be checking on it.