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  • Nettie, the airplane is called a Hummel Bird. It is a plans built,basic airplane. Hummel Birds are very small! My empty weaght is only 314 pounds. I have yet to fly her,but data suggests i can exspect a cruise of around 100 mph on the 1/2 vw engine (32 hp) and a fuel burn of around 2gpm or less. I spent about $7000.00 to build it. If you have the patience to build like this I believe that nothing is less exspensive to build or fly than the Hummel. Hummel's have a good track record for being fun to fly and durable to boot. sorry for the slow response but I haven't been here to check things for a while. Good luck with all you do,and take care.
    Hello, I saw the same kind of plane as yours at the Chilliwack Airport, what kind of plane is it?
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