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    Wind turbine blade geometry

    Hi guys: I work on DIY wind turbine and I plan to make a twisted blade .... I need to know what does it mean that blade AOA is 6 degrees... I mean if the blade is twisted that 6 degrees angle refers to where root ,tip,or root???? Thank you in advance
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    Wind turbine stability

    Hi guys: It is me again with that tow blade PVC wind turbine again .I was out for long time for personal reasons. Now i am back here.. : I desided to start from scratch again with same design tow blade PVC wind turbine ((but not one peice )) befor i make the turbine, i need to know if it is...
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    Wind turbine stability

    Hi guys: Should not that unwanted effect be shown and kept in rototing shaft???? ..the rotating shaft is not conected to anything yet?? Is not the rule of bearings to seperate the rototion shaft away from everything else??? How come that effect got its way to the tail side?? Unless i got...
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    Wind turbine stability

    And in the basics of aerodynamics i read that when the rotor of airplane or helicopter is spinning in one direction ( counteracting torque is generated with direction opposite to that of the rotor in which case ) the fuselage tend to rotate in the opposite direction.?? What if that up and down...
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    Wind turbine stability

    I will try to get a few seconds vedio with wind turbine in action. thank you for the detailed explanation any way.
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    Wind turbine stability

    Thank you for the interaction.i got flexible PVC pipe blade with fixed pitch .the tail movement takes place during rotation without even yawing .no instrument at all.that movement is high enough that easy to see with naked eyes. I think of installing shook obsorber below bearing holder of the...
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    Wind turbine stability

    Hi guys . You may ask this is not the site for such thing. However i think for aerodynamics it is one of the best sites to get what you are looking for.
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    problems of a two blade rotor

    by problems,I mean: basically gyroscopic loads,that are seen less in three blade rotor,and the thrust for which is axial parallel to the rotating shaft.
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    problems of a two blade rotor

    hi guys:I have been out for long time...I am usually in auto conversion forum..but for the time being I am working on a 2-blade wind tubine.and I need your advice on problems relegated to that including normal operation and also during yawing(when the wind change direction.thanks
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    HI GUYS: in most of the articles i read about power required for the helicopter during forward flight with speed from above 25 knots up to 70 knots at least is that, the power required is less than that for hover .and as i understand for that to happen the collective is lowered during forward...
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    releation between rotor disk loading and it's solidity.

    Hi guys: What is the rule of thumb (if any)for main rotor solidity with given disk loading? Assming i have a 2000 lb helicopter with disk loading of say 4 lb/ft2 (rotor disk area about 500 ft2),how much blades should the rotor have ? Is there any formula or equation for such calculation...
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    position of tail to main rotor.

    Hi guys Is there any guidance on positioning the tail rotor of helicopter to main rotor ? Thank you in advance.
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    induced velocity

    Hi guys : I understand the induced velocity equation parameters. it says that it the velocity of the air downwards as result of air disturbance created by rotating blades. what I don't understand how come this effect goes like this : The smaller the rotor d the higher the IV the higher the...
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    tandem helicopter

    Hi guys : In artical about those helicopters it is said the helicopter front side should be tilted down a little bite before go from hover to forward flight.? What could be the reason for that? The only thing I can think of is reducing the drag? Is that right? And if no,what are the other...