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    Front mounted rudder??

    Has anyone ever done a front mounted rudder? ( I.e. a rudder enclosing the steerable nose wheel.) And additional vertical fin above and or below the and behind the CG would provide lateral stability. The front mounted rudder might be smaller and greatly simplifies mechanical linkage as they...
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    13b rotary engine controllers. What are people using?

    Dear Charles, can you send me a link to anyone that might be of help in getting replacement EC2 processors. Thanks in advance. Dave Barker
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    13b rotary engine controllers. What are people using?

    Dear Finn, I bought the engine and ECU from Charles Ainesworth some years ago. the EC2 is Serial #283. Equipped with redundant crank angle sensor. RE: processor damage both chips. No outputs on the ignitor output terminals. I do still have fuel injector pulse on one of the processors. Are the...
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    13b rotary engine controllers. What are people using?

    I recently had a major catastrophe. An accidental short circuit maimed the processor chips on my Tracy Crooks EC2 engine controller.They are out of business and I am looking for a replacement device. The engine is a Madza 13b rotary. Does anyone know of an EC2 controller anywhere? and or...
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    Buying a laser level...any recommendations

    Banggood.com self leveling laser horizontal and vertical line. Under $20 works great.
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    Wanted EM2 Tracy crooks engine monitor display / software

    Is their anyone out there with information on the Tracy Crooks EM2 engine monitor display/ software etc.? I would be grateful for any bits of information you can provide. Photo below Dave Barker
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    Tracy Crooks EC2 Engine controller Display wanted

    EC2 Display unit and or software program wanted. Does anyone know of a Tracy Crooks EC2 rotary engine controller panel display unit. i would appreciate any information on this device. Dave Barker
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    Electric Powered - High Performance Design

    The following link may prove to be a really big deal. Solid electrolyte Li-Po with 900 watts/liter energy density. They don't say what it weighs. For comparison the magic number is 1 KWH/lb. to be equivalent to gasoline...
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    LH test prop wanted

    OK , will change it.
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    LH test prop wanted

    I am looking for a test prop to be used on a Tracy Crooks PSRU /Madaz 13b rotary engine. Beg,borrow or rent for about a month. Tractor configuration. LH rotation as viewed from cockpit. Does not have to be airworthy. Please contact : david_barker@msn.com
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    Jet thrust force coupling of expanding gas to airframe

    I apparently did not explain my question adequately. I am aware of the diffusion and pressure wall in a ram jet, but at some point in the structure those pressures have to couple to the airframe. It is easy to realize reaction forcein the sealed end of a rocket engine or the reaction force...
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    Jet thrust force coupling of expanding gas to airframe

    > I want to build a counter-flow heat exchanger radiator (aka the P-51) radiator that is reputed to provide enough thrust to compensate for the nacelle drag. > I have a simple but perhaps naive question. In a ramjet base design, how is the force of the heated expanding gas mechanically couple...
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    Holes in Spoiler or Not

    MY Last plane was a Mooney 231 ( turbocharger) it was equipped with dive brakes consisting of pair of ~ 5"X 6" aluminum plates that rotate up out of the wing. They were full of large 1" holes. Raising the dive brakes was like throwing out an anchor. Airspeed dropped immediately. They were a...