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    Hirth f33 pricing

    So, you sent money to Russia and actually received an engine?!
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    Hirth f33 pricing

    That Indonesian place has been scamming powered paraglider guys for years.
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    Carbon Fiber Tube Fuselage

    CF is without question the highest performance material we have where high heat exposure is not an issue. It is used in virtually all high performance, competition applications. Formula 1, Reno F-1, Sport and Biplane classes, B777, etc, etc. So l'd probably look to them for design and...
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    Carbon Fiber Tube Fuselage

    YouTube: CF bike structure manufacturing process. You can save some time by starting at 0:50 and ending at 6:40
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    Carbon Fiber Tube Fuselage

    "Each Boeing 787 aircraft contains approximately 32,000 kg of CFRP composites, made with 23 tons of carbon fiber [11]. Composites are used on fuselage, wings, tail, doors, and interior." Boeing 787 Dreamliner - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
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    Is there a 'complete unit' with nav/com/gps/adsb/xpnder?

    If we are talking IFR, the most important part of the equation "in my opinion" isn't navigating, it's the attitude indicator. In the airlines we have 3 which makes it easier to tell which one went bad. I suppose if I were going that route in a homebuilt I'd want at least two attitude...
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    Is there a 'complete unit' with nav/com/gps/adsb/xpnder?

    Back in the day, COM/NAV meant a VHF radio and a VOR reciever. If you were fancy you'd have an ILS or two and maybe DME. Then RNAV came along that did fancy stuff with DME and VOR to let you go somewhere other than direct to/from a VOR station. Sometimes a self-contained INS (inertial navigation...
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    my gearbox first test run for V-twin engine

    Love the test stand. Experimental aviation at its best!
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    Article about General Aviation

    I know this is a tangent from the original thread but I must humbly disagree. I have a lot of time in Boeings and Airbuses and a couple of years in the F-16. I don't think there was a flaw in the system. "Airshow" should end the story but there are plenty of legitimate (non-conspiracy theory)...
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    FAA Failure #119

    Mike Busch knows his stuff. A bad design is a bad design regardless of anyone's opinion of the NTSB. And of course there were more incidents than those that were reported. The OP was right to bring it to everyone's attention, and for that, I thank him.