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    Who's going to Airventure this year? 2013

    I wish I could, I've 15 times before. But, gonna be in Honolulu on business, at least it involves airplanes. :depressed
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    The New Zenith CH 750 "Cruzer"

    Still think the 701 is the king. Can't beat it.
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    im saying goodbye to aviation and to homebuilt aircraft :'(

    Remember one thing, if you can't get support from someone else, "Grow your own". I mean that in a good way, only you can do something you want to do. Keep the dream alive.
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    Shooting at airplanes.

    This is why I carry live Grenades in my planes. :gig:
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    Whatcha runnin under that Cowl????

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    Flight of the Phoenix

    Kind of similar to what's on a De Havillhand Venom.
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    Dodgy take-off video

    I'd like to watch it, is this a Web link or a downloadable file???? My computer is wanting to download it. I'm not good with computers, well,.... unless it's a G1000. :gig:
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    WOW!!! Bet that hurt.

    Well, for the pilot I'm not sure. But for the Giraffe, I bet it did.
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    Questions about owning a grass strip airport

    I know where you're coming from on the homemade boxblades, I've made many homemade implements. I've had the front axle replaced on one of the 3500's, somehow, someway a spider gear was sheared. It destroyed the housing. :gig:
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    Questions about owning a grass strip airport

    Dern, you've got an oldie Case. I've got two 2010 Case Farmall 85U's w/ the Sync Shuttle Trans, a 2009 95U it's got the Power Shuttle, and 2007 JD 5625. They all have loaders except for one of the 85U's. Along with two folding wing mowers, 2 disc mowers, 3 hay tedders, 2 hay rakes, 2 round...
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    Questions about owning a grass strip airport

    I know where your coming from, I've got 300 acres and 250 of it is hay field. Every hay season, it's a living hell. I just want to thank mister Case for making such darn good equipment.:gig:
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    Questions about owning a grass strip airport

    I had that problem with mine for the first couple months, but I finally found all the low spot and pot holes. Fixed them.
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    Questions about owning a grass strip airport

    On my property I've 300 acres, and there's a spot that is about 3,500' long and 100' wide, I've got a 100' by 100' hanger on it. It's smooth as a babies butt, it's not registered as an airport, because it's not an airport, it's a field :gig:. But, to me it's my own little airport. I love having...
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    Thanksgiving flying

    I had a really good flight Thanksgiving afternoon, me and my son took off from my strip about 4Pm. Clear skies, not even a slight breeze. It was one of those days where you fly Low and Slow, flew the Flint River just above the tree tops. Buzzed my house, wife said I was low enough to trim her...