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    UL Engine

    What kind of money do they want for these engines?
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    what's your desktop picture?

    This is what my five year old took at Oshkosh last year; it's currently on my desktop in the office.
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    Hi Dana, Have you checked out the East Tennessee Lonesome Buzzards (ETLB)? http://www.lonesomebuzzards.com/cgi-bin/forum/Blah.pl They are the forums for the JDT/minimax and airbike designs; it is a very active forum, and a very knowledgeable and helpful group of guys. I was building an airbike...
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    interesting light plane concepts

    You might like to check out these: Basic Ultralight Glider -Zach
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    Suzuki Motorbike engines

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    Torsional Damper on motorcycle transmission

    Really any that pertain to the engine being converted. Don't feel like you have to waste a ton of time uploading pictures, it's just that I am very interested in what you have done with that project. -I made a paramotor from scratch using a Honda gx200 tore it down to the case, and rebuilt it...
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    Torsional Damper on motorcycle transmission

    -Dana Hey Dana, Do you have any pictures of the process you did? Thanks, -Zach
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    Torsional Damper on motorcycle transmission

    Orion & PTAirco, -thanks for the responses! I wondered if there would be need for a damper, since the transmission and the clutch would both act in some way as a damper. But wanted some other opinions. I hadn't seen this article before, you might be interested in reading...
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    Torsional Damper on motorcycle transmission

    My biggest concern with using the Suzuki SV650 as my power-plant and PSRU is, trying to figure out what if any torsional damper is needed. I am leaving the clutch in the tranny, and stripping out all gears, but what I need to reduce the rpm to swing my prop. I have thought of putting a cog belt...
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    Suzuki SV650 Engine

    I don't think I will use a chain. I was thinking more of coming straight out of the transmission with a torsional dampener, then the prop hub. I just posted that link to show the exact engine I was thinking of using, and that someone has already beat me to the punch.
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    Suzuki SV650 Engine

    I actually just stumbled over this in a separate thread: Nouvelle page 1 I have been searching for several years to see if I would be the first to use this engine, but it looks like this guy beat me to it. Now, if only I spoke Bulgarian.
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    Suzuki SV650 Engine

    I actually have the Kawasaki 650 engine. The problem is, it is two stroke and on the heavy end of what I need. I like the Suzuki because it is four cycle, VERY reliable cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, light, and it has my "psru" built in already.
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    Suzuki SV650 Engine

    Can you put up a link to something that shows the engine-? I can't find, and had no idea that there was a jet ski version! But that sounds like what I need, with minimal effort involved.
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    Suzuki SV650 Engine

    I am planning to make a dampener to go between the prop hub and the transmission. I have used this on a much smaller scale in the paramotors I have built using small four cycle engines.
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    Suzuki SV650 Engine

    I am thinking about using a Suzuki SV650 engine on the plane I am currently building. They have a very solid reputation for reliability; and after a lot of research with my brother (a motorcycle guru), I think it has the best reputation, weight, HP, liquid cooled and '03 and after are all fuel...