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    Oshkosh 2017

    Ill be there for my 5th trip to Airventure, 2nd time flying in in my homebuilt Sonex Waiex. Its been a while since I have actively posted on HBA - I now work at a startup in Centennial, CO called Boom Supersonic. We are developing a modern follow-on to the Concorde that is actually...
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    Grounding Shielded Wire - One or Both Ends?

    When you say this, do you mean you grounded all shields on both ends or one end? Yes, I have heard the reason that grounding both ends of the same shield is more prone to ground loops many many times, which is why i was so surprised to see the wording in AC 43-13 suggesting the opposite, and...
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    Grounding Shielded Wire - One or Both Ends?

    Hanging out with lots of airplane people I have heard anecdotally time and time again that shielded wire should be used on sensitive equipment, especially things like audio wires, and that the shield should be grounded at ONE END ONLY. Usually this means grounding the shield at the source, i.e...
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    help me for make gyroplan B 20 model

    Read about the Gyrobee.. you cant get any simpler or inexpensive than that. There are free plans on the internet. Good luck! gbee Star Bee Gyros | Home Page Rotary Wing Forum
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    Small twin engine polish jet !

    looks like a twin engine ARES
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    Very exciting- first manned flight of electric multicopter

    This is really awesome. The more people like this out there keep tinkering with this kind of stuff.. the cheaper and more reliable all of this equipment is going to become. Really makes one optimistic that electric airplanes will be quite capable and reliable some day soon.
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    Building a semi human powered flying device

    Why would you want to use bluetooth to send flight critical inputs when a short wire could accomplish the same thing?
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    Galloping Ghost crash Reno 2011

    I believe there is just a steel cable that pulls up the tail wheel from the main gear. This cable could have snapped.
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    Galloping Ghost crash Reno 2011

    The thing i cant get over in my mind is why was there no fire in an impact with that level of energy? I assume the Ghost had a relatively light fuel load on board, but certainly it couldn't be much less than airplanes flying aerobatic routines. One needs to look no further than the videos of...
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    Galloping Ghost crash Reno 2011

    I was right there, standing 100 feet away. This is my account of what happened that i typed up as a means of closure for myself, to tell my friends what happened. This was written for a non-aviation minded audience so forgive me if it seems a bit basic in the beginning. anway, here goes.
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    Aircraft Crimping

    I am interested in getting a set of ratcheting crimpers for everything that i might encounter in a typical homebuilt.. but find the topic very confusing. I know that i want crimpers for at least coaxial, pin connections, and terminals as well as butt splice crimps. I want to stay away from...
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    March and April 2011 - Tell us what you've done this month!

    I built a wing spar..
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    A 4 engine jet as homebuilt ?

    Really? a private pilot could fly a multi engine, complex, high performance airplane without any of those ratings? I tried searching the FARs for something along those lines and failed, where can one find that in writing?
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    Just how hard is it to design a small aircraft?

    If building a kit is like eating an elephant (anyone can do it, just eat it one bite at a time), designing from scratch would be like eating a heard of elephants. I think anyone motivated could do it, but more challenging than the actual technical difficulties would be staying motivated for the...
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