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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    The dumbass that obviously staged the plane crash in the Taylorcraft for YouTube views got his license revoked by the FAA:
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    You may have been kidding, but that actually happened with Jet Airways in India, fortunately without a crash. Pilots got into a fight, one left the cockpit, then the other went looking for her...
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    Global 1/2 VW Mag.

    I'm not sure where to get a Fairbanks Morse, but you can get a Slick for the 1/2 VW engine from New Slick Magneto - Model #2220 or #4220 - $350.00 (I think the 2220 is for the 2 cylinder engine) Magneto Drive and Screws - $55.00 I had a cracked Fairbanks-Morse magneto on my...
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    Airplane For Sale Partially built Ultralight

    It's Vegas, much easier to sell if you give them odds: $500 if it's flying in 6 months, $3,000 if it isn't. If you start a betting pool on the side, I'll take the over.
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    EAA 3DExperience.. worth it or not?

    I read through the entire 3D Experience website, and have less of an idea what it is before I started. The website is a nonsensical pile of MBA tech buzzwords, I'm not even sure if CAD is part of it now. If there is CAD in there, I think it is strictly online, so you're at the mercy of your...
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    Replacement Fluid

    Fiats are great, the engine bay never rusts because of the engine's external oiling system. You can use the same engine mounts on a dozen different engines, and probably will have to. One of my best lines was while driving with a friend, we saw a group of 8 MGs headed the other direction on the...
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    Rare form of sulfur offers a key to triple capacity batteries

    You're confusing the element with the molecule. Either sodium or chlorine will kill you if ingested, one is a metal that catches on fire on contact with water, the other a poisonous gas. But their combination is not dangerous to ingest (within reason), in fact you'll die if you don't ingest any...
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    Flying Experimental Airplane Around The World

    Also, pay attention to who is doing the speaking when they discuss costs. It makes a big difference if they fly a plane that burns 20+ gallons per hour and think it would be far too primitive to stay in a hotel that cost less than $300/night (that's an actual recommendation from one of the books...
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    EPA sets sights on general aviation aircraft

    The FCC is funded by regulatory fees, they pretty much ignore everything and everyone to get more money, and have for decades. The EPA isn't funded that way. What they are responding to with this ruling was a petition filed in 2006 and a lawsuit filed in 2012 - the EPA has had plenty of time...
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    EPA sets sights on general aviation aircraft

    Also, the FAA Administrator gets a say in the EPA emission standards. Here's the relevant law cited in the EPA documents: (Where it says "Administrator" in this section by itself, it is referring to the EPA Administrator) "(A) The Administrator shall, from time to time, issue proposed emission...
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    EPA sets sights on general aviation aircraft

    It makes sense to force the few that need an additive to put it in themselves then force everybody to have (and pay for) an additive in their fuel they don't need and is harmful. Although I think switching to unleaded will probably lead to less pilots ultimately. I have a theory that it's the...
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    Parts For Sale Parachute For Sale $300

    It's not likely a site problem, but the scammer getting his password somehow. I've no idea how this particular event happened, but it could be they found an old cell phone or discarded hard drive, or just checking this board out on a someone else's computer that happened to be compromised. There...
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    Flying Experimental Airplane Around The World

    First stop should be the Earthrounders website, if you haven't already done so, a lot of your questions are answered there: There is a couple that flew a Long EZ around the world, but their linked blog is gone, probably due to the going out...
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    cup holders

    I'm going to build a camelback holder into the back of the seat on mine, doesn't help if you like a lot of variety in your hydration, but I rarely drink anything except water.