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    For Sale Craigslist

    It's not exactly craigslist, but I didn't thin it deserved a new thread just for this. There are currently 3 Hummel Ultracruisers - 1 flying, 1 almost, 1 project - and a Hummelbird project currently for sale on the Hummel Facebook group, so request to join if you're looking for one. There's...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Cessna 182 in Georgia:
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    Airplane plans inventory

    Paper plans: Hummelbird (currently building) Watson Windwagon (given to me for comparison to Hummelbird) Cassutt IIIM (currently in the on-deck circle) Digital: Crappy, scanned & downloaded (from when that was the only way to find them) copy of plans for Davis DA-5. Affordaplane (No plans to...
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    Hirth 35HF Jet A 2-stroke, no oil mixing needed

    The similar gasoline version, the Hirth 3503 with fuel injection, electric start, and gearbox is $12,500, the 35 HF is probably more than that. The S1204 has a chance of being under $10K.
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    Hirth 35HF Jet A 2-stroke, no oil mixing needed

    I stumbled across this engine recently but can't find any more info or if it's available to any organization too small to have it's own military: It's a 2 stroke, 60 Hp, 79 lb (wet), 2 cylinder engine that runs on kerosene based fuels (Jet...
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    Ebay Today

    From the auction "we know absolutely nothing about them except they are extremely heavy ". They are 78 lb. 4 cylinder engines. I'm not sure if there are any 4 cylinder aircraft (non-RC) engines that weigh less.
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    They used to be available from the same people, but it was more of the "it'd be a shame if your leg got broken" type of insurance.
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    Wanted 1/2 VW engine 45hp

    Scott does still sell the 42 hp version, just not the 45.
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    STC question for Percy

    That would be the Salvador Dali prop. Don't buy his clock, I still haven't gotten the melted remnants out of the carpet.
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    Sterba props

    72"would be an good choice for my Hummelbird, if your definition of "good" is rapid removal of the propeller tips by asphalt.
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    Certification of Vertical Take Off Vehicle

    EDIT* Deleted because I didn't read the thread title*
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    Staggerwing Controversy

    It's less likely to be banned in F1 (car), they usually let innovations stand that fit into the grey areas of the rules. The Brabham fan car was sucking up all the dirt, tire "marbles", and debris and launching it at any car following it. It was voluntarily withdrawn after 1 race even though the...
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    Certificated to experimental

    91.309 says "civil aircraft", and I couldn't find where I thought banner towing was banned for E-AB, but I finally found it, it's not in the FARs, but in an order. Order 8130.2G section 4104, Issuance of Experimental Amateur-Built Operating Limitations. "...20) This aircraft must not be used...
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    Certificated to experimental

    Since 2004, you are allowed to be paid for towing gliders on a private pilot certificate: 14 CFR 61.113 : "(a) Except as provided in paragraphs (b) through (h) of this section, no person who holds a private pilot certificate may act as pilot in command of an aircraft that is carrying...
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    Certificated to experimental

    The regulation states that aircraft with experimental certificates cannot be used for "carrying persons or property for compensation or hire." (14 CFR 91.319 (a)), but does allow one to get a letter of deviation for flight training purposes only (part (h)). LSA's have a few more restrictions on...