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PP-SEL Feb. 2016 in C172, Tailwheel endorsement in Citabria 7ECA Sept. 2016, PP-ZEL (Zero Engine Land, some call them gliders) Oct. 2016. Aerobatic training in a Super Decathlon.
Total hours 425 as of March 2020.
Currently flying Citabria 7ECA & 7GCAA airplanes, Schweitzer 1-26 & 2-33, Grob 103 and PW-5 sailplanes (all club aircraft)
Building a Hummelbird with modified wing.

Grass strips, cross country, occasional aerobatics.
But right now, just trying to get good, so lots of touch and goes in powered and short cross country flights in gliders.
Louisville, KY
Current / Future projects
My first build is a Hummelbird with 35hp Global 1/2 VW w/Riblett GA30-613.5 airfoil, about 50% complete.
Past Projects
Many random projects - welding, electronics, automotive, artistic.