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    Corby Starlet vs Taylor Monoplane

    I have also looked at (puzzled over) these two airplanes. I believe the Taylor Monoplane uses the RAF 48 airfoil. The Corby Starlet uses the NACA 43012. The published data seems to indicate similar performance from these airfoils. I think Taylor's 21 foot span and larger wing area makes its...
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    Radial engine Idea?

    Re: Radial engine Idea? -WEBSTER Hello PTAirco, What is the current status of the Webster-built radials? Is he marketing these engines, plans or kits? Any aircraft flying with the Webster radials? I have seen some pics here and there on the web but can't seem to find much current info. 10kDA
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    V-Witt plans

    Looking for an older set of plans for Steve Wittman's V-Witt, sourced from Steve and NOT the new version sold by Aircraft Spruce. I'm not a collector and not desperate so price must be realistic. Thanks!
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    Fairchild-Caminez Engine

    How is what you are describing different from what the prop shaft does on a 4 stroke powerplant with a 2:1 reduction drive? The prop shaft makes one rev and the engine makes two, with each cylinder making its complete 4 cycles. The cams appear to perform the function of a re-drive. What am I...
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    Rotec Radials

    As I have a project that would work extremely well with either of these engines, I would like to hear from anyone with any real world experiences, good or bad, with the Rotec Radials. Reliability and manufacturer's support are most important! Thanks!
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    LOM 4 cyl & 6 cyl

    The last postings on these engines were some time back. Looking for any more recent info, good or bad, on these engines as installed and running. Thanks!
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    Fairchild-Caminez Engine

    Fairchild/Caminez The problem is the opposing cylinders. The successful radial designs use an odd number of cylinders so they run as smoothly as possible. The cylinders fire on every other revolution (4 stroke) and skip every other cylinder. In other words, as the cylinders come to TDC a 5 cyl...
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    CNC cut tubing

    I program and run various types of cnc drills, routers, and machining centers on my "day job" too, and the easiest way to build a steel tube airframe is to get a bench grinder and a wheel dresser, dress one of the grinder's wheels to a rounded profile, cut tubes oversize and grind and/or file...
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    Can you ID this plane?

    Definitely NOT an Acro Sport. I have a set of Acro Sport plans in front of me and it's not like the pix at all. It appears to be a biplane - looks like there are wing attach fittings as well as gear fittings on the lower longerons and angled fittings for a center section on the upper longerons...
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    Mech Eng Book

    Eng & Design books Boys, you've got to haunt rummage sales and the used book sales at libraries. I got Peery's "Aircraft structures" and Bruhn for $.50 each at a library sale and a pile of engineering texts from garage sales for probably $1.00 each (average).