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  1. Vitamin C hỗ trợ quá trình tổng hợp collagen, giúp vết mổ của bạn nhanh phục hồi hơn.
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    "Naw been/am off in FL eatin dead fish and drinkin beer. Soon as I get back will jump on it. Gotta get it ready for OSH if that's possible. The radio shop... "


    Anthony Liberatore on this end. I will be writing again @ OSH for Zoomer Campbell ( Headline News | Aero-News Network - The Aviation and Aerospace World's Daily, Real-time News and Information Service ) and would love to do a story on your bird. If possible a phone interview ahead of time would be great as Jim request a few stories in the can so we can run with them on day one. I can meet you when I get their and touch it up, bring one of the Camera guys to take some good shots and If I nudge Tom he may grab the film crew down and go down for the Film Interview. They did one last year for an award winning Hummel UltraCruiser after to told Tom he needed to see it and get it on film.

    Continued success on your Bird and hope to hear from you!

    My best,
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    Oh, can I bother you for an email addy? I promise to hit it too often...

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    Oh, can I bother you for an email addy? I promise to hit it too often...

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    Hi. We are planning to depart KARB on 24 May, maybe overnight at Oxford MS, maybe not. Maybe into KGNF that day or the next. Then we shall see about weather. I can go IFR, but you know about weather...

    We will be in touch again closer to departure...

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    Grenada, I can do that...
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    The honor is ours. We will likely fly into the UOX with our PA28-181. We might have to catch a game... When we get closer we shall be in touch.

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    The wife and I are doing a aerial tour, and I sure would like to stop in on you, see your airplane shop in person, and shake your hand. Maybe discuss airplane building a bit... Right now, we are planning to depart Michigan in late May, and Oxford MS is on the list. Do you suppose we could see you then?

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    Hey Rockiedog, im about to mount my wings to the Dub Eagle frame, I'd like to go with one strut attach point instead of two. Is one arrangement stronger then the other?
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