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Cotton Candy Theme - Cheshire Cat Barnstormer Girl Color Scheme

What I want to do when I get it finished, is take it to air shows with a bunch of cosplayers in character dressed up like characters from the Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. Buy a cotton candy machine, spun sugar is cheep, and have my volunteer cosplayers running around the airshow with purple and pink cotton candy on sticks giving cotton candy away free. Everybody's eye would be on the pink and purple cotton candy being given away for free, which would gravitate them even more to my airplane where the cotton candy machine was and the cotton candy colored airplane.

I have this idea for a toy airplane that looks roughly like my plane, that I could mass produce and put a little purple and pink paint on and give away to kids.

Maybe with a little weight on it, it could be even made to sort of fly. Basically, like the little balsa planes you'd buy in a toy store in a little plastic baggie for a dollar
like in the 1950's?

It's just 3 pieces of balsa or pine or cardboard, glued together with a little bit of Titlebond glue.

I just kind of made a rough sketch in Paint. Fast to mass produce a lot of them cheaply with an exacto knife or bandsaw as a free giveaway to kids, something they can just swoop around in the air in the car on the way home.

I'm thinking maybe two rubber stamps to put my name on the wings,or glue some printed paper from my printer.

Maybe add some friggin glitter even... with glitter glue.

Dress like the Cheshire cat which haspurple and pink stripes....



And give out free cotton candy, have pink and purple balloons tied to my table, and give out free toy planes...


The old codger contingent at the little local EAA airshows are going to be like WTFFFFFFFFFFF!!!
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