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  1. kirbylee
    Thou shall not stall for the ground may come up and smite thee
  2. LHH
    LHH aeromomentum
    Thanks for your post.
    Can your reduction drive be used on smaller engines?
    Can a custom ratio be ordered?
    It would be ideal if I could use one of your units.
    I looked hard at your three-cylinder, but too much HP for a glider project.
  3. Mark Landry
    Mark Landry Direct C51
    Hi, this is Mark at can you send me more information and pictures on the dragonfly. Thanks
  4. zibi
    zibi anvegger
    Dobryj Den,

    dogadywajus wy na russkom goworite ?

    Jest blizkoje Raptoru delo, kotoryje my by mogli sowmiestno obsudit . . .
    Chto poluchitsja ? wojna plan pokazet :)

    Privety iz Goerlitz
  5. ddlawrence
    ddlawrence Hot Wings
    Hi. Very nice CAD work. May I have the data on the AV-36 airfoil? Is there any washout in the design?
    I want to build a scale model of the Pelican, a low-aspect powered flying wing, which uses this airfoil.
  6. norm_parm
    norm_parm Flyright
    Hadn't been on HBA for some time. Do you still have the items for sale? If so refresh my memory on what you have.
  7. waltreiss
    Retired USAF pilot. Got a deposit on a Raptor (not overly optimistic after reading this forum). Planning to start building an RV-14.
  8. villagetalkiesdm
    Best Corporate Video Production Company in Bangalore and top Explainer Video Company, 3d, 2d Animation Video Makers in Chennai
  9. choppergirl
  10. choppergirl
  11. choppergirl
  12. wanttobuild
    wanttobuild cheapracer
    Hey CR
    Can you find any contact information on Geoff Eastwood, the designer of the Eastwood Tyro MK2 ultralight?
    A physical address or an email address would be great.
    Thank you
  13. wanttobuild
    wanttobuild deskpilot
    Hey Deskpilot
    Would you try to find the contact information of Geoff Eastwood, the designer of the Eastwood Tyro MK2?
    The last I can find is Goolwa Airport, 0427 812 422.
    An physical address or an email address would be super.
  14. Andrey Yakovlev
    Andrey Yakovlev jvliet
    Hello Jim! I watched all the videos available on YouTube about Formula V racing. I guess I saw you there! I started building a V-Witt. The plans do not indicate the thickness of the wing skin. Tell me, what is the thickness of the wing skin?
    With best regards. Andrew.
  15. choppergirl
  16. choppergirl
  17. choppergirl
  18. Aerowerx
    Aerowerx David L. Downey
    Sorry, I don't

    What I remembered was the Teenie Two.

    By the way, it would have been better to message me, instead of posting a comment on my profile.
  19. David L. Downey
    David L. Downey Aerowerx
    hi Aerowerx,
    I saw where you might have digital plans for the mini-coupe? are they still available for sale or is the design now in the public domain? if no longer available and you fave a copy i would be very interested in getting them. thanks!
  20. Rattler1 1
    Rattler1 1
    Just flying
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