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  1. choppergirl
    Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum
  2. choppergirl
  3. choppergirl
    When people in my state are dressing up like they are out of the Handmaiden's Tale in protest, you know things have gotten corrupt as hell.
  4. choppergirl
    Don't loose all your skittles just because an engine quits. Fly the wing, not the engine.
  5. hoangquocviet
  6. simflyer
    simflyer Jan_K
    Ahoj, dopadl nějak Tvůj zájem o Chilton DW1 ? A co konverze motoru? Stavíš a lítáš ? Jirka
  7. Marko
  8. Derswede
    Derswede WTipton
    I noticed that you had copied the post about woodworking gear. If you would like more info, I am at 336-749-6952. Will be around tomorrow after 3 pm. Will be at my office in Kernersville, NC all week next week. The gear is 3 doors down from me. Will be up for a few more minutes tonite as well.

    Drew (aka Derswede)
  9. choppergirl
    Have rich men ruined aviation for everyone else?
  10. choppergirl
    It eventually got really boring here, always doing the backstroke through all this toxic masculinity and statist brainwashing, so I left.
  11. choppergirl
    This place has always been toxic, but with the forum upgrade, it seems to have become even more overrun with toxic individuals.
  12. Riggerrob
    Riggerrob Woodenwings
    Dear Woodenwings,
    I am currently studying Solidworks and have an interest in folding wings.
    My first aviation job was folding Sikorsky helicopters on ships’ decks. I also have a few innovative ideas about folding wings.
    What is your mission ...... gross weight ...... trailer width ..... etc.
    Rob Warner
    FAA Master Parachute Rigger
    private pilot
    retired military helicopter mechanic, etc.
    1. Woodenwings
      Would you be interested in using email instead???

      Amphibian close to LSA specs but experimental to loosen the design a bit. Electric! Want to launch it like a boat and handle it like a boat. I live 300m from lake ontario...seems sensible it should get trailed from home to the lake!
      May 10, 2019
    2. Woodenwings
      Max width approx. 6'. See my gallery for deets.
      May 12, 2019
  13. Woodenwings
    Woodenwings Viper22
  14. Woodenwings
    Woodenwings simflyer
    I paid lots for the plans a couple of years ago. At the time they were almost impossible to find. If payment was through a secure method I would sell them for shipping + $ 500 CAD for drawings. Its negotiable...I paid about 800.

    I learned some neat tricks from the mite. Things i have borrowed for my own design. I'm happy with what i paid for what I have learnt.

    Where are you in the world?

    Best regards.
  15. Viper22
    Viper22 Woodenwings
    Woodenwing - Let me know what you are thinking $$ wise ... -- let's take it off line if possible.
  16. simflyer
    simflyer Woodenwings
    Hi Woodenwing,
    Am interresting about Mite plans. I plan to build wooden plane and collected plans of many light aircrafts. Maybe could share them, if You're interrested.
    1. Woodenwings
      Hello I paid quite a lot of money for them because they're very rare and would rather sell them now that I know I'm not going to be able to plane then share them of course. I would like to recoup my cost.
      May 7, 2019
  17. Dennis K
    Dennis K
    My avatar is a flying wing but no Nurflügel.
  18. GESchwarz
    GESchwarz Billrsv4
    With Tracy Crook out of the picture, where can I obtain a PSRU and Engine Controller for my Mazda Renesis engine?
  19. GIanni Daniele
    GIanni Daniele
    Light & Electric the future of ultralight gliding !
  20. choppergirl
    How is an airplane like an illegal plant? Both will get you really.... high