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  1. RockieDog2,

    Oh, can I bother you for an email addy? I promise to hit it too often...

  2. RockieDog2,

    Oh, can I bother you for an email addy? I promise to hit it too often...

  3. RockieDog2,

    Hi. We are planning to depart KARB on 24 May, maybe overnight at Oxford MS, maybe not. Maybe into KGNF that day or the next. Then we shall see about weather. I can go IFR, but you know about weather...

    We will be in touch again closer to departure...

  4. Grenada, I can do that...
  5. OK
    I don't think you will want to come in my strip with that PA28
    Here's the muni about 5 miles from me

    AirNav: KGNF - Grenada Municipal Airport

    about 40 miles S of Oxford

  6. The honor is ours. We will likely fly into the UOX with our PA28-181. We might have to catch a game... When we get closer we shall be in touch.

  7. Billski
    I am honored.
    We can sure try to make it work. There's nothing at this time that I gotta be away for that I know of. Ellen is booked with her twin grandson's baseball and Ole Miss baseball(in fact she is in Oxford now for games both teams this weekend; she is a meathead) til about end of June I think so yeah when it gets closer give me a call 6624177185 or PM with your schedule. I dunno what kinda plane you got and my strip isn't good for most but I can pick you up over at the muni if that would be best. We will work that out no problem.
    Yeah; I'd like that Bill.
  8. RockieDog2,

    The wife and I are doing a aerial tour, and I sure would like to stop in on you, see your airplane shop in person, and shake your hand. Maybe discuss airplane building a bit... Right now, we are planning to depart Michigan in late May, and Oxford MS is on the list. Do you suppose we could see you then?

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