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Thread: Falconar Avia Miranda 14H

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    Falconar Avia Miranda 14H

    I'm considering putting my Bearhawk on the back burner for now and working on a LSA eligible craft to reduct the cost of getting my ticket and getting my aircraft completed in these tough times. My criteria is two place side by side plansbuilt with plenty of cockpit room. I see that Falconar Avia now has plans for a lighter version of their Miranda, the Miranda 14H. Does anyone have any experience with this aircraft that would help me in making my decision?

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    Re: Falconar Avia Miranda 14H

    There are two Yahoo groups on the AMF Maranda, one's current the other without a moderator. In addition two builders have web pages of their AMF 14H Maranda builds...
    My Wooden Airplane
    Carlson Skunk Works AMF-14H Maranda SN:1026 Construction Log November 2, 2009
    I've looked through an information package as well as the plans for this build, it's an almost all wood and fabric build with metal landing gear, 32'wingspan and a 1200# GW. You'll not get it to fly at much over 90MPH but it's a strongly built aircraft.
    If you look closely at its wing and wing tips you'll observe that it is designed more for lift then speed which results in a good STOL platform. I like it and the people who market it as well, the $200.00 for the plans isn't bad either.
    At this point if I go with an all wood build I'm leaning more towards a FFP build or a Pietenpol, of which I already have a set of plans. Should you choose the Maranda information is available for it, but little or no build kits or parts.

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    Re: Falconar Avia Miranda 14H

    I started a Maranda a long time ago. Got the tailfeathers done before we had children, and that was that. Kids and mortgages don't go well with homebuilding projects.

    For a wooden airplane there's an astounding amount of metal in it, like many wooden airplanes. Landing gear, every control surface hinge and bellcrank and sticks and pulley brackets and so on, struts, engine mount, strut and spar attach fittings, carrythough straps: on and on it goes. With the price of sitka lumber and birch ply and the difficulty of finding good wood, along with the need to hangar it to keep the rot out, a metal airplane starts to make more sense. If you have to cut and bend and weld fittings you start to wonder if you should have just built a steel-tube affair.

    STOL? a CH701 or 801 is probably better overall. Metal, too.

    The AMF-S14 plans I bought had some serious mistakes in them. I don't know if they're better now. On the Maranda, the fin spar length below the bottom rib didn't match the fuselage sternpost height, where it attaches. Finding something like that makes you really wary. You could build a fin that's absolutely no good for anything, and it's not like aluminum where the spar could be replaced by drilling out the rivets. It's glued together permanently.


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    Re: Falconar Avia Miranda 14H

    I've always liked this plane. If you do get on the yahoo group, you will notice that Chris Falconar is alway available for questions.

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