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Thread: Wood Aircraft Supplier Master List

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    Wood Aircraft Supplier Master List

    Since this is the Wood Construction Section I figured it might be a great place to start an "Aircraft Wood" suppliers Thread. As you chime in I'll add your addition to the "Master List". Comments and Experiences both good and bad dealing with these suppliers are welcome just please be specific.

    1. Western Aircraft Supplies - British Columbia.
    Sells aircraft grade Sitka Spruce. Has Spruce kits for the Pietenpol as well as some others.
    Marc Septav, Western Aircraft Supplies,
    PO Box 79,
    Slocan, British Columbia V0G 2CO, Canada.
    tel (250) 355 0003
    fax (250) 355 0004
    e-mail - aircraft@telus.net

    2. Aircraft Spruce and Specialty
    Sells Spruce, Aircraft Plywood, glues, fabric, and just about everything else.

    3. Wicks Aircraft Supply
    Similar Product line to Aircraft Spruce.

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    Re: Wood Aircraft Supplier Master List

    Boulter Plywood (Mass.)-a/c grade plywoods and spar grade Sitka Spruce
    John G

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    Re: Wood Aircraft Supplier Master List

    I have been trying to find a place near by to get either spruce or Douglas fir. (Lubbock Tx)

    Wicks and AS cant ship long pieces.

    any suggestions

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    Re: Wood Aircraft Supplier Master List

    Great idea Jake-man. Maybe you might even start a subforum with threads for wood, metal tube, etc, where we can post various suppliers we've dealt with.


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    Re: Wood Aircraft Supplier Master List

    Also Maurice L Condon Lumber in White Plains, NY. Dunno if they ship but it's a great resource for people in SE NY and nearby areas.


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