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Thread: Plans for Reduction Unit

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    Plans for Reduction Unit

    I was surfing the internet recently and came upon a set of plans to scratch build a prop speed reduction unit for type one and four Volkswagen aeroengines. The website let you preview one of the drawings and it looked like an interesting set up. It was cog belt drive, double belts if I remember correctly.

    I didn't bookmark the link and naturally cannot find it now. Can anyone help me out? I'd be interested in any plans of this sort, particularly if they were for Type Four engines or could be so modified. Thanks.

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    Re: Plans for Reduction Unit

    The only plans built PSRU that I know of is the stewart maximizer. See last item on the page linked here: Stewart Aircraft Michigan

    All of the other places that I know of, including Great Plains, sell a premade PSRU that you then attach to a vw engine.
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