In light of recent attempts to use the Private message system to Scam HBA members I will now require that a user have 5 posts under their belt before they are able to send private messages. This will help the Moderators to catch Scammers before they have access to the private message system.

Topaz is one of our Moderators here on HBA and posted some good advice in another thread earlier. I've quoted it below. Thanks Topaz!
Please be careful about any attempts to solicit funds or get any personal contact information. Identity theft is another 'profit center' for these people. Unless the request comes from someone known to you on the forum, treat any requests for direct email, personal contact information, or any other unusual request with extreme caution. The PM system can be used without compromising your security, and I would use that with anyone you talk to here, until you establish their trustworthiness to your own satisfaction.