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Thread: Post your Builder's Log website Here.

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    Re: Post your Builder's Log website Here.

    CHOPPERGIRL.............1980 VJ-24w "Dorothy"..................CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR

    World's First Motorglider :-) Grandmommy of Modern Ultralights (the Demoichelle being the great great great grand daddy ;-) )

    Meet Dorothy, my antique barn find I bought on ebay for $38, leaning up behind someone's storage shed rotting away in the rain

    We found love in a Hopeless Place...

    Why I want to fly:

    Youtube Channel:

    The challenge: to build a flying 3 axis control "bare minimum airplane" for under $999
    They say it can't be done. They say its impossible.

    They say a lot of things...


    Off to rob a snowmobile graveyard....
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    My Six Swords of Freedom: disobedience defiance resistance revolution sedition & sabotage
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    Re: Post your Builder's Log website Here.

    I built a Cleanex i.e. a Sonex with a 3.0 Corvair on the nose. Builders site here:

    ExperCraft Simple Log: Sonex # 1319

    ... and you can ride along with me here:

    Dale Williams
    N319WF @ 6J2
    Myunn - "daughter of Cleanex"
    120 HP - 3.0 Corvair
    Tail Wheel - Center Stick
    Signature Finish 2200 Paint Job
    114.9 hours / Status - Flying
    (Myunn is in the "Completions" section of Kitplanes for November 2015)
    KITPLANES Newsline

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    Re: Post your Builder's Log website Here.

    wltrmtty...........Pober Junior Ace...........Terence Gandy - Experimental Aircraft Builder's Log

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