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Thread: Cordless electric rivet gun and cordless high speed electric drill

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    Re: Cordless electric rivet gun and cordless high speed electric drill

    Thank you for your answer.

    I think I get the difference between these two groups. I am clearly not a blue collar shop guy ... I "run a career" (serious...) during the day but none of my colleagues would ever imagine what I am doing during my time off.

    Actually I have a mixed wood/metal shop in my basement which contains a metal lathe, bench top mill, table saw, jointer, band saw, planer and a CNC router with a water cooled high speed spindle which I have build from a kit and a bunch of electric hand tools.

    So I would say that I am in between these two groups, I like good professional tools and always buy them if I can justify the extra money. My very personal opinion is that inexpensive tools are often wasted money - and time. I buy tools and machinery in order to work with them and actually produce something and not to get a "new hobby".

    However there are limitations and the question what is reasonable for the hobby. If money would not be an issue at all and I would have the space, I would buy the best compressor with a 90 gallon air tank or the best industrial cordless electric riveter - no question. Unfortunately that is not the case. Hence if I finally would decide for air tools, I still would like to buy a good compressor but then the question becomes what size of air tank is somewhat reasonable for the planed job - ups OK - building from a Zenith kit, likely the 750 STOL.
    Finally, as long as I am able to use my hands I will always have a shop. I am not really happy without something to do. The longer I think about this the more air tools I can imagine for the wood working shop, a nice brad nailer for example.


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    Re: Cordless electric rivet gun and cordless high speed electric drill

    Chris, it's safe to assume you're a shop guy. It's ok you come out of the closet and confess. Haha.

    Fortunately, assuming you can wait it out, I've seen some pretty good deals on Craigslist for used compressors. You just need to be patient but you'll find one.

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    Re: Cordless electric rivet gun and cordless high speed electric drill

    As for compressors, I'd be looking at only a couple of things. SCFM and recovery. Belt drive is quieter than the direct drive. They just chug along. Air drills need a lot of flow, while a pull riveter probably not as much.

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    Re: Cordless electric rivet gun and cordless high speed electric drill

    I like to use electric as much as possible. I have a larger air compressor but not large enough for continuous sand blasting of fuselages, etc. I only use the air compressor for small air usage tools like riveting, pumping up tires, small paint guns. My old friend and airplane building pardner uses more air tools than I do and is finishing a hanger two doors away and he bought an air compressor that puts out 37 cfm @ 165 psi. Weights close to a thousand pounds,( paid $230). Soon as the weather warms up we will be setting the air compressor on a concrete pad outside the rear of the 60'x60' hanger and building a well insulated room around it and run air lines down each side of the hanger. Can't have to large of an air compressor when sand blasting.

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