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Thread: Wood...Stress Risers???

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    Wood...Stress Risers???

    Good day all,
    Question for you. I'm aware of the importance and the care needed when working and smoothing any edges and "jagged" lines in metal as it creates a possible stress riser in the metal. My question is

    Is this the same for wood?

    I ask because I have small tooling marks on the inside of my relief holes in my wing ribs. I'm smoothing them out, but wondering how far I should take it? The relief holes will be covered with plywood face plys.


    Also I'm about to start my builders thread for my Snoshoo SR-1 Reno F1 Racer so please stop by and take a look!

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    Re: Wood...Stress Risers???

    Get out a hand lens and look at wood's structure. It is one big mass of stress concentrations. Wood and composites are generally not considered to be sensitive to stress concentrations for this reason. Smooth surfaces? Sure. But do not go overboard...


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    Re: Wood...Stress Risers???

    It might make sense to taper the edges of the plywood a bit where they are glued on, but then you might have to make the plywood a bit wider in places.

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    Re: Wood...Stress Risers???

    Not as notch sensitive as metal at really small scale, but certainly is in larger. I build longbows. You don't want to leave tooling marks on the back of a bow unless you need more fiber in your diet.

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