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Thread: Ideal CNC

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    Re: Ideal CNC

    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic_Sheep View Post
    Thanks guys, didn't think there were standard material sizes for aircraft construction - thought there was a very wide range of sizes available, will have to look into it some more.

    That's feet if I'm not mistaken? That's a pretty massive machine if it is.
    Yes, it's pretty large. Getting ready to start milling a 12' long horizontal stabilizer plug this week (will include skin plus all ribs and spars in one mold) and it will do it all in one setup. But there are a lot larger machines out there (Janicki, etc), mine is just a good size for my shop and for doing development work. I sized it so that for most Part-23 size airplanes I only need to slide the plug once for any large part.

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    Re: Ideal CNC

    Quote Originally Posted by FritzW View Post
    Or, how about a Carvewrite machine? (post #20 here) It'll cut any length but it's limited to 14" wide and, IIRC, ~6" on the Z.

    Attachment 56704
    But the cuts don't look even remotely like the pattern drawn on the wood.

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